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RCS   170,500円(税込)※保安基準適合

+ ベルトストラップ(別売)

+ シートクッションハイドアジャストパッド(別売)

+ 専用サイドアダプター(別売)



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グラスメッシュ Black x グラスメッシュ Black
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where can I try sitting in a RECARO seat?

    You can try out RECARO seats in our retail store in Kirchheim/Teck, or at any authorized RECARO dealer or service partner. Prior to visiting an authorized RECARO dealer or service partner, you should contact them to inquire whether they have the seat that interests you on hand for testing. You can find an authorized RECARO dealer or service partner in your area by visiting the Service.

    Q: I have back problems. Which RECARO seat do you recommend?

    All RECARO seats are ergonomic seats, suited for people with back problems. To find the perfect seat, we generally recommend that you try our range of seats at one of our RECARO dealers or service partners before purchasing.

    Q: Where can I find an ABE for RECARO seat type XY?

    All the latest versions of ABEs for RECARO seats can be found here.

    Q: Is a "TÜV" approval necessary when installing a RECARO seat?

    Installation of a RECARO seat does always have to be confirmed by a TÜV-member, according to German StVZO, § 19. This has to be confirmed by a separate document, which has to be carried in the car like the ABE. TÜV-registration is mandatory in case of imperative changes (i.e. modifications for disabled persons).

    Q: Is it possible to upgrade the car XY with a RECARO seat?

    RECARO offers seats for a wide range of cars. To find out which RECARO seat fits into your car, please check our baseframe list on the RECARO homepage under Downloads.

    Q: On which type of RECARO seats can an armrest be fixed?

    An armrest is not available for the automotive sector.


RECARO continuously explores new ways to create seats that adapt to the individual shape of the human body for a comfortable driving experience at any time. Our products are a natural extension of the driver and we take great joy in exploring the cutting edge of intuitive seat design, bringing man and machine closer together through a seamless interface of natural interactions.

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RECARO takes pride in its workmanship and traditional handwork during the production process that allows us to deliver products which meet the highest quality standards. We believe in the superior quality and masterly craftsmanship of our products and carefully select only the most precious and top-notch materials for our seats. Even the smallest detail underlines our claim for premium quality!

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