Cutting edge technology in automotive seating: RECARO performance seats manufactured with passion and pride

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 30, 2018 – “RECARO knows seating like no one else”, said Martin C. Klein, head of RECARO Automotive Seating. “Our rich history and heritage reach back to 1906, when Wilhelm Reutter founded his car body shop. It included the production and fitting of seats right from the start. Reutter’s passion lives on in the first two letters of our brand – as well as in everything we do today with pride.”  55 years ago, RECARO was established in Stuttgart, Germany: Reutter Carosserie became seat specialist RECARO. In 1965, the RECARO “sports seat” for automobiles was unveiled, the very first of its kind. And the automotive seating revolution had just begun. The success story continued with major innovations in automotive seating and countless pioneering milestones in comfort, safety and lightweight construction. “Innovation is second nature to us, and we’re already shaping the future of the car seating industry,” said Klein.  World-known racing professionals as the American rally driver Ken Block, the German rally legend Walther Röhrl, or the 2017 winner of the 24h Le Mans race, Porsche pilot Timo Bernhard, count on RECARO: “My RECARO racing seat is not just reassuringly safe,” said Bernhard. “It’s also consistently comfortable. It supports my whole body so I can perform at my very best.”  “Trust” and “benchmark” are the words to describe the relationship with RECARO when it comes to the automotive industry: “We regularly join forces with vehicle manufacturers to develop custom seat solutions for performance cars or special editions like the Speed V for owners of the legendary American sportscar, a seat that we have on display at our SEMA booth,” said Klein. “Many car makers and customers around the world value both the renowned quality of our seats and our innovative power. They know that RECARO knows seating.”  RECARO knows ergonomical seating: The function of a product determines its form. For RECARO designers, the top priority is ergonomics: Form follows human. An ergonomic sitting position also means a comfortable position. Depending on the route, driving style and road surface, factors like centrifugal force, deceleration and vibrations come into play. This is why many drivers complain of muscle tension, circulatory problems, headaches or concentration issues on long journeys. RECARO seats, e.g. the Sportster GT showcased at SEMA, compensate for these factors with support and protection: an ergonomic seat structure, body-hugging contours, firm upholstery, pronounced side bolsters and finely-tuned adjustment options along with breathable covers, and comfort features such as heating or air conditioning. RECARO knows comfortable seating: A good seat works around the driver’s needs. The RECARO experts know that comfort is a combination of many factors – an ergonomic seat structure, firm upholstery, intuitive control, comfortable touch and optimum climate to name a few. RECARO also knows that the architecture of the human body isn’t built for sitting down, let alone for hours on end behind the wheel, where switching to a better posture is not an option. But the average Amarican driver spends 101 minutes behind the wheel per day, equaling 37,935 hours when starting at 17 until the age of approximately 79 years.  A good seat needs to support the body and relieve the strain. The unique combination of ergonomics and comfort, together with the right adjustment options, are what makes a RECARO seat so special – at SEMA for example the RECARO Expert M Houndstooth.  RECARO knows safe seating: Everything under control? The driver’s seat plays a key role in this, especially if the preferred driving style is sporty. As Timo Bernhard said: The better the sitting position, the sharper the reactions and the higher the control. RECARO builds seats that support the body perfectly so that drivers act with greater concentration and hence safety. When developing sports seats for the road, RECARO draws on many years of experience and innovation in motorsport. The racing shell RECARO Pro Racer Hans XL for professional race drivers, showcased at SEMA, is a perfect example for the ultimate safety and protection.  RECARO knows customized seating: A RECARO seat is like a tailor-made suit. It fits perfectly, effortlessly underlining unique personalities by combining elegance, premium quality and individual style. RECARO is the brand for exclusive seats made precisely to your tastes, crafted to perfection using the finest materials and consistent down to the tiniest detail. Alongside perfect fit, a seat like the Speed V boast intelligent design that combines the ultimate in functionality, ergonomics and style.  RECARO knows handcrafted seating: Hand-picked surfaces, premium carbon, exclusive leather, perfect stitching that draws the eye along the side contour. Take the RECARO Sportster GT at SEMA: it fuses style, superb materials and outstanding craftsmanship for unparalleled quality. Only the perfect combination of color, form and manufacture meets RECARO’s premium standards. Ultra-light carbon, cutting-edge composites, and high-end foams and textiles complete the range of materials. A great deal of traditional craftsmanship goes into RECARO seats. From the seams and cushions to the superb finish, the finely honed skills of RECARO’s craftsmen shine through.  RECARO knows performance seating: A RECARO seat fits like a glove. And the feeling is like sitting in the seat and not on the seat – at the SEMA booth this can best be experienced in taking a seat in the racing shells RECARO Pole Positon or RECARO Profi to feel what RECARO calls body support. With a RECARO seat, the road becomes a playground that gives instant feedback all the way. It boasts a low center of gravity, firm, compact upholstery, and the necessary freedom of movement for the arms. Its snug, supportive seat structure and side bolsters for excellent shoulder and torso support stabilize the body against lateral forces, cocooning it like a second skin The result: controlled cornering, and a driving experience that invites to sit back and enjoy the ride.
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