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By consistently optimising the entire production process, we have further improved the highlight in the RECARO racing shell range and enabled a significant weight reduction to the P 1300 GT that is still available: The combination of low weight, maximum safety and individual comfort makes our RECARO P1300 GT LW so unique. Despite its lower weight, this racing shell meets the FIA standard 8862-2009 for "Advanced Racing Seats" and can be adjusted fore-aft thanks to the flexible sidemount. The interchangeable pads in three sizes and the flexible sidemount provide a maximum of individual fitting possibilities. It is ideally suited for racing applications with frequent and fast driver changeovers. The RECARO P1300 GT LW is homologated for use in GT and touring car sport.

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MSRP Price: 
Velour Black
Accessories (at additional cost)
Flexible sidemount
Weight: 23.6 lb
Pad Kit S: for small drivers
Pads for drivers of smaller build, 6-piece, without seat cushion
Pad Kit L: for large drivers
Pads for drivers of larger build, 5-piece, with seat cushion
Pad Kit helmet support
Upholstery: Velour black
Side support pad
Upholstery: Velour black
Lumbar pad
Upholstery: Velour black
RECARO top features
Our product highlights
Anatomical seat contour Pad Kit S (Replaceable pads for drivers of small build) Pad Kit M (Replaceable pads for drivers of medium build) Pad Kit L (Replaceable pads for drivers of large build) Flexible sidemount (fore-aft adjustment for preferred sitting positions) Seat shell made of carbon (CFRP) Advanced Racing Seat (FIA 8862-2009) Shock-absorbent foam FIA approval for 10 years Suitable for 4-, 5-, 6-point belt (racing use)
Facts & Numbers
Key figure
Period (days) in which the shell has a homologation
Forces, which simulated at the crash test (in g)
Usage of yarn in the seat (m)
  • Feature overview
    P1300 GT LW
    For GT vehicles/sports cars
    For touring vehicles
    Paddable lumbar support
    Pad Kit S (Replaceable pads for drivers of small build)
    Pad Kit M (Replaceable pads for drivers of medium build)
    Pad Kit L (Replaceable pads for drivers of large build)
    Side support pad
    Flexible sidemount (fore-aft adjustment for preferred sitting positions)
    Anatomical seat contour
    Seat shell made of carbon (CFRP)
    FIA approval for 10 years
    Highly flame-retardant upholstery (ISO 3795)
    Shock-absorbent foam
    Suitable to work with head and neck safety systems
    Advanced Racing Seat (FIA 8862-2009)
    Suitable for 4-, 5-, 6-point belt (racing use)
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  • Dimensions

    Overall dimensions:
    A: Seat depth
    B: Seat height
    C: Shell outer measurement at shoulder
    D: Shell outer measurement at seat bottom
    E: Subframe width
    F: Tilt at mounting level
    G: Width between mounting bolts

    Comfort dimensions:
    H: Seat width at bottom
    I: Height of shoulder support
    J: Seat depth
    K: Seat height

    Belt slot:
    L: Height of belt slot
    M: Center belt slot

    With pads/upholstery: approx. 30.7 lb

    Net weight*
    without pads/upholstery: approx. 24.3 lb

    Dimensions in inches. All dimensions may vary by ±0.4 inch.


    * Weight: total shell weight (without mounted parts).

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can RECARO racing seats with FIA homologation be used in road traffic?

    No, RECARO racing seats with FIA homologation do not have a General Type Approval (ABE) and therefore cannot be used in road traffic. However, RECARO offers the racing seat Pole Position ABE, which is licensed for road use.

    Q: Where can I try sitting in a RECARO seat?

    You can try out RECARO seats in our retail store in Kirchheim/Teck, or at any authorized RECARO dealer or service partner. Prior to visiting an authorized RECARO dealer or service partner, you should contact them to inquire whether they have the seat that interests you on hand for testing. You can find an authorized RECARO dealer or service partner in your area by visiting the Service page of the RECARO website.

    Q: Does RECARO also sell "factory seconds" seats, or seats with minor imperfections for less?

    No. At RECARO, there is no such thing as "factory seconds". Our high standards of quality preclude such products.

    Q: Are RECARO racing seats also produced in Germany?

    Yes, production of the racing seats takes place exclusively in Kirchheim/Teck.

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Since 1906 we never stop searching for something new and are continually breaking new grounds. RECARO products are at the cutting-edge of technology, merging decades of experience with new materials and innovation. And we use our unique know-how and innovative technologies to emphasize the personality of our customers: our products are as individual as you are – down to the last detail.

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