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In 1963, Porsche presented the 901 (also known as the Narrow) as the successor to the 356 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Mass production of the car began in 1964, with RECARO suppling its independently developed sports seats to Porsche. The first seats under the brand name RECARO went on the market the following year in 1965. Since that time, RECARO has developed a wide range of products including motor sports seats with superior strength and rigidity, ergonomic seats employing advanced ergonomics and various safety technologies, and advanced high-performance seats that are lightweight thanks to new material technologies. As the one and only premium brand recognized around the world, RECARO has long been a leader in the evolution of automobile seating.

Our unique seat philosophy helps to reduce the burden on the body while driving. 
This means less fatigue and back pain even when driving long distances and for long periods of time. 
Advanced technology, quality, safety and comfort. 
RECARO is the only company with a brand built on creating perfect seats.


Brand Promise of RECARO.

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, RECARO is truly a quality product. What should you expect from a car? What should you expect from a car seat? It has been 100 years since the company was founded, and we’re still striving earnestly and sincerely to pursue the answer to these questions. 

Our passion for motorsports. Our work with motorsports has taught us a what a seat can do. What is the future of cars? What is the future of the seat? What can a car do for your life? That precious time you spend with your beloved car. 

RECARO's strengths. RECARO still carries the same DNA it inherited at its founding. That’s why RECARO is RECARO. It’s the reason people choose RECARO. It’s the value that only RECARO can offer. There are some things that don’t change. And some things that evolve with the times. The RECARO brand promise is founded on its good name.


North America - Headquarters (Clinton Township, Michigan, USA)

Germany (Kirchheim unter Teck)

Japan (Higashi-omi, Shiga)

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