Innovation by heritage
SINCE 1906.

Composite Material

Most automobile seats use a metal structure that is like a bed frame, but RECARO uses a monocoque structure to provide uncompromising hold, comfort, and safety. Since the monocoque structure has an effect on weight, we have been developing models with a resin composite framework for many years in an effort to make our seats lighter. This has led to the adoption of seats such as the Sportster, which uses nylon resin developed with RECARO's proprietary advanced technologies, as a genuine parts by all automobile manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Autoclave CFRP

The high-end model of RECARO sports seats is the SP-X Avant. The backrest uses a carbon back shell made through autoclaving, the most superior molding method for CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymers). Refined through time attack events at Nürburgring, the three-dimensional rigidity combines superior holding performance with flexible strength that reduces the burden on the body. This model also symbolizes the technology of the premium brand RECARO. 

From the circuit to the street. From the street to the circuit.


Made for use in competitions, this full bucket seat was developed through repeated test runs on circuits while incorporating the opinions of many professional drivers. It is based on the idea of zero development that feeds the regular evolution of RECARO’s design concepts. It features two types of shells, CFRP and GFRP, made with double-sided A-surfaces in a single process. It also boasts an ISF pad, a new material developed by RECARO's own exclusive design. This is a stunning evolution not only in design but also in performance.

RCS "New Comfort Seat"

"Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance" by Coco Chanel

Its frame utilizes the full bucket seat that would seem to trace the human body with its form. By combining high quality special urethane foam newly developed with RECARO's unique know-how, we have created a new comfort seat with a simple yet stylish design.

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