Premium quality

Two facets.

RECARO has two facets that have been with it since the company’s founding. One is the aftermarket, where customers' cars are customized through authorized RECARO dealers. The other is OEM, where its products are adopted by automobile manufacturers as genuine parts. What is the value of RECARO sought in each instance? What are their commonalities and differences? These two faces are the starting point of our approach to manufacturing. 

Our product planning, sales planning, and customer service are designed to meet the needs of a diversifying consumer base. Raw materials, components, regulations, standards, and production methods change with the times. We aim for quality control in all of them to enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality of material.

RECARO seats aren’t just beloved in Japan but all over the world. That’s why we select raw materials and parts according to strict quality standards that conform to the regulations and standards of various regions and countries. There are also especially strict safety standards for when seats are used in automobiles that depend on the climate and operating environment. 

Metals, resins, and fibers make up the different parts of our seats. As a premium brand, RECARO implements thorough manufacturing and quality control while pursuing a variety of materials, processing technologies, and production and manufacturing techniques.

3D Design.

RECARO's philosophy is that design is born from the pursuit of function and performance. Ergonomically designed seats will not cause fatigue, even when driving long distances or for long periods of time. This is why RECARO seats feature a three-dimensional design that fuses superb function with beautiful design to trace the ideal seating posture of the human form. From dry carbon, fiberglass, and metal structures to urethane foam, fabrics, leather, and stitching, we continue to pursue manufacturing techniques that realize our seats’ elegant three-dimensional designs while maintaining the quality that has made them a favorite around the world.

Design for premium

One of the items that maximizes the appeal of your car is its seats. They are the part that touches the human body the most and make a significant difference in the visual impact of your car’s interior and how comfortable of a ride it gives. You choose your car, so why not choose the seat that’s right for you? A seat that makes driving a pleasure. A seat that gets you excited about driving. It may seem like just a seat. But a seat can make all the difference. 

Have you experienced a RECARO seat? Enjoy the pleasure of ownership. 

RECARO pursues performance, design, and quality that speak to the senses.

Need more help?

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