We put your senses

In 1906, the then 32 years old Wilhelm Reutter, founded the carriage manufacturing company Reutter (later RECARO) in Stuttgart, Germany. Reuter's abundant creativity and passion, along with the first two letters of his name, "RE," are still alive and well in RECARO.

Innovation, quality, safety, and comfort. The value created by RECARO products. 

We put people at the center of all we do. 

Feel it. The value that only RECARO can offer.

Origin of passion.

Our passion for motorsports. This is the origin of RECARO's passion for making things. 

Motorsports requires driving skills to know and control the limits of the car, and to reach the goal faster, more accurately, and more safely. The seat protects the driver's body and supports their driving skills during these motorsports. Our aim is to continue to study and learn from motorsports and what they require in seat performance. They will bring about the future of cars and the future of seating. That is why RECARO values motorsports for the future.

The way to believe.

RECARO was the first company in the automotive industry to create a unique philosophy for seat manufacturing.

We believe that a seat is not just one of the components of a car. It is a vital piece of engineering for safe and comfortable driving because it’s in constant contact with the driver's body.

These are seats that help you drive with precision. They allow you to concentrate on driving without stress. Our seats won’t make you tired even when driving long distances or for long periods of time. And that makes driving a pleasure. All of this leads to safety.

You have to choose your car carefully. This means choosing a seat that’s right for you. If the seat changes, the car changes.

That is the value that only RECARO can offer.

Need more help?

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