No compromises.

Design safety.

The German Bauhaus had a great influence on contemporary art with its extremely rational and simple designs. It is said that this educational institution was the origin of modernism, the pursuit of rationality through the elimination of unnecessary ornamentation, and that it laid the foundation for modern product design in today's society. 

Born in Stuttgart, Germany, RECARO also focuses on simplicity while rationally pursuing the functions and performance required of automotive seating. One of these functions and performance is safety. 


The ability to sit with the correct posture. The ability to drive with the correct posture. Comfortable and fatigue-free seating even over long distances and long hours of driving. 

We believe that all of this leads to safety.

Monocoque structure.

The structural concept of RECARO seats is to "support the body with a surface.” If it’s not necessary for support, it’s not part of our seats. The frame is what supports the body while driving. The urethane foam evenly distributes body pressure and absorbs vibrations from the road surface to enhance comfort in the seating position. All models of genuine RECARO seats utilize a monocoque framework. This framework is the basis of the "fatigue-free RECARO seat" and also increases strength and rigidity, dramatically improving safety. 

Sport models SR-6, SR-7, and SR-11 (right photo/discontinued). Comfort model LX-F. Developed in Japan, these models make use of full laser welding technology to increase strength and rigidity, as well as a structure that inhibits the submarine phenomenon, which can easily occur in the event of a collision.


A safe car society. Safety is the most important keyword for the premium automotive seat brand RECARO. In addition to its aftermarket business, RECARO is used by automobile manufacturers around the world and is well versed in the safety evaluation standards of each automobile manufacturer. In order to clear these standards, RECARO complies with their own more stringent evaluation criteria. RECARO has its own testing facilities and rigorously evaluates every product it develops.

Safety in production.

Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche: Germany is a country with many leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. And Germany is where RECARO was born. On the other hand, Japan is proud of its world-class manufacturing spirit. Inheriting this traditional spirit, RECARO Japan is regarded as a benchmark by other RECARO production sites for its high-quality production and manufacturing technology. Traceability is managed through a unique Japanese system to ensure safe and high-quality manufacturing in the production and manufacturing process. 

Quality is synonymous with safety, making high-quality products safe products. 

This is what it takes to be a brand trusted by customers. That is the RECARO brand promise.

Safety from motorsport.

A rally is a competition that’s held on both paved and unpaved public roads that are closed, bringing cars to their performance limits. There is also time before the race to check the course known as a recce (short for reconnaissance), but the competition is restricted to within the legal speed limit, making it virtually the same as running the course for the first time. The car may go off course onto forest roads or mountain passes due to road conditions or vehicle malfunctions. 

In such cases, the seat is what protects the driver's body. You cannot trust your life to a seat that doesn’t offer a high level of safety. Drivers cannot perform at their best if they don’t have seats that they can trust. The more experience you gain, the more your body learns how important this truly is. RECARO is such a seat. It’s the same in rallies, on circuits, and on public roads. That is why people choose RECARO.

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