No compromises.

At RECARO, driver protection is about more than just giving you the impression you’re in safe hands. It’s our utmost priority. We act on the maxim of delivering uncompromising safety, reliability and durability to protect our customers under every circumstance and condition.

With our DNA firmly anchored in motorsports, we have proven to deliver peak performances in safety, that routinely exceed legal standards and integrate our cutting-edge expertise into each and every seat.

And this is exactly where RECARO differs from others. Because safety is not a game. And the safety relevance of a vehicle seat in particular is very high - after all, it provides direct protection for the occupant in the event of an accident. That's why we strongly recommend that you purchase our seats and matching accessories exclusively from authorized RECARO dealers. Only in this way can you be sure that you are purchasing an original with the reliable RECARO quality and with the highest safety standards.

Counterfeits and replicas of safety-relevant parts are often cheaper than their models - but the supposed bargain can quickly turn out to be a dangerous purchase on the road. Original RECARO seats are only available from our authorized partners - we cannot accept any warranty for all other purchases.

RECARO is uncompromising in its ambition to support all of our customers with the confidence to push the limits, while exploring the dynamics and joys of driving. Car manufacturers, professional drivers and racing drivers trust us.

RECARO – safety first.

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