RECARO Sportster CS

Uncompromising performance meets perfect design

When it comes to performance and design, our exclusive special edition of the RECARO Sportster CS – strictly limited to 999 units – is unequaled anywhere in the world. A unique combination of thoroughbred racing shell and comfortable sports seat, it dominates seriously high-performance vehicles like no other. The Nürburgring Edition is built for a peerlessly dynamic ride on both road and track.

Feature highlights: Exclusive Nürburgring and RECARO branding, edition tag with custom number, premium-quality black leather seat upholstery, handmade decorative stitching, accent stripes on back shell, pronounced lateral support in backrest and specially formed and optimized shoulder support.

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There was never really any question about where we would introduce our brand-new Nürburgring Limited Edition to motorsport fans from around the world. It had to be at the 24 Hours on the Nürburgring from June 20 to 23. All the action took place in the Ring Boulevard, where our RECARO Sportster CS Nürburgring Edition featured prominently at the stand and in tuning legend Sidney Hoffmann’s show car.

A total of 120 registered participants got behind the wheel of a virtual Porsche 997 GT3 Cup in our high-end simulator to test their skills on the original route of the 24-hour race. The winner of the RECARO Performance Challenge could look forward to being driven around the Nordschleife by a professional driver.

“I love RECARO! The Sportster CS is the perfect symbiosis of pure racing shell and comfortable sports seat. Superb track and road performance.”

Sidney Hoffmann
Tuner and TV presenter,

“After 26 years in motorsport and series development, my body has definitely come to appreciate the superb comfort of RECARO seats. Even more so on the Nordschleife when I’m facing the challenge of so many fast sections and the centrifugal forces they produce – not to mention the bumps – a perfectly shaped seat is worth its weight in gold!”

Frank Stippler
Professional racing driver,
winner of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and in Spa

Nürburgring Limited Edition
  • Overview of features

    • Fore-and-aft adjustment

    • Backrest adjustment

    • Seat heating

    • Optional side-airbag*

    • Leather upholstery

    • Decorative seanming

    • Nürburgring branding (stitched logo)

    • RECARO branding (stitched logo)

    • Sporty accent stripes on back shell

    • Exclusive edition badge (with custom number)

    • RECARO needle

    • Pronounced lateral support in backrest

    • Specially formed and optimized shoulder support

    • Pronounced lateral support in seat cushion

    • Riding performance: dynamic driving

    • Firm upholstery

    * airbag option will not be available for North America

  • Dimensions

    Key for comfort dimensions:

    A: Seat height
    B: Seat width
    C: Seat depth


    Dimensions in mm, all dimensions ±10 mm

  • FAQs

    How can I care for and clean the leather on my seat?

    The glazed leather cover should be occasionally sprayed thinly and evenly with a standard leather protector, in order to maintain its dirt and water resistance. Cover the metal parts of the seat first. Otherwise, wiping the seat cover with a soft, clean cloth regularly to get rid of dust is all that is required. Tough dirt and stains can be removed carefully with a detergent for delicates. Then dry the treated area with a soft, dry cloth and spray with a leather protector. These cleaning and care suggestions are not binding. Please always read the instructions on the cleaning or care product carefully. Before you use a product on the entire seat, you should test the product on an inconspicuous area of the cover. RECARO accepts no responsibility for these cleaning suggestions.

    How can I care for and clean the back shell?

    The back shell should not be cleaned using a caustic cleaning product. Please test the cleaning product on a small/inconspicuous area first. These cleaning and care suggestions are not binding. Please always read the instructions on the cleaning or care product carefully. Before you use a product on the entire back shell, you should test the product on an inconspicuous area of the seat. RECARO accepts no responsibility for these cleaning suggestions.

    What does it cost to install a seat?

    Installation costs depend on the vehicle and its equipment, as well as on the RECARO baseframe. Our RECARO partners would gladly create a custom offer for you.

    Dealer Search

    Where can I buy a RECARO seat?

    RECARO has an extensive partner network. The RECARO website can show you authorized RECARO partners in your area.

    Dealer Search

    Where can I have the RECARO seats installed?

    RECARO has an extensive dealer and service partner network. The RECARO website can show you authorized RECARO partners in your area.

    Dealer Search

    Where can I find an ABE (general type approval in Germany) for the RECARO seat?

    You can find all available ABEs for RECARO seats here.

    How can I tell that my seat is an Edition seat?

    You can find an Edition tag with the seat’s number on the side of the backrest.

    Can I control the heater via the vehicle as well?

    This depends on the vehicle. You should clarify the details with an authorized RECARO partner.

    Authorized Partner

    Can I install a RECARO seat myself?

    The seat must be installed professionally. Only trained specialists may perform work on seats with airbags. We therefore advise you to consult a workshop authorized by RECARO.

    Authorized Partner


RECARO Performance seats like the Sportster CS make a crucial contribution to lap times. Its snug, supportive structure and side bolsters for excellent shoulder and torso support stabilize the body against lateral forces and cocoon it like a second skin. With a RECARO seat, where man meets machine, the road becomes your playground. Frame, tires, brakes and engine all give you instant feedback on road surface and condition. The RECARO Sportster CS is an uncompromising combination of sports seat and thoroughbred racing shell that provides superior RECARO body support – especially in compensating lateral and centrifugal forces, vibrations, or deceleration impacts.


The super-lightweight structure of the RECARO Sportster CS embodies our world-famous ergonomics – true to our design maxim: “Form follows Human.” Its firm upholstery, pronounced side bolsters, anatomically shaped backrest and seat cushion and finely tuned settings cocoon your body like a second skin. We’re talking ergonomics at its best. The backrest is perfectly contoured to replicate the natural S-shape of the spine for guaranteed comfort without the need for an adjustable lumbar support. And courtesy of fore-aft adjustment and high-precision backrest settings, you can fine-tune the Nürburgring Edition exactly the way you want it.


This RECARO Sportster CS special edition is crafted to perfection down to the tiniest detail and using the finest materials. Available as a performance seat for driver or passenger, it combines an exclusively designed slim backrest with innovative materials – from premium-quality black leather seat upholstery to an integrated headrest complete with stitched RECARO and Nürburgring logos. And we’ve underlined its dynamic image in red, with decorative stitching as well as sporty accent stripes on the back shell.


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