Nothing is better than the original: New edition of RECARO classic seats LX and LS for classic cars

For lovers, collectors and drivers of classic cars, RECARO Automotive Seating, leading manufacturer of performance car seats, has reissued two seat models from 1984: The RECARO Classic LX and the RECARO Classic LS celebrate their world premiere as new originals at Retro Classics in Stuttgart. They combine classic looks with state-of-the-art comfort, safety and ergonomics. The outstanding features are confirmed by none other than rally legend Walter Röhrl with his name and the label "Approved by Walter Röhrl".

Stuttgart, Germany, February 27, 2020 – It's been a long time since: The car year 1984, for example, brought out the first high-volume models with a regulated three-way catalytic converter. Newly launched on the market were, among others, the Golf II GTI, Mercedes-Benz 200 to 300E (the later E-Class), Opel Kadett E, Renault 5 or Saab 9000, and the Fiat Uno became the car of the year. RECARO presented two comfortable retrofit seat models that set standards in terms of safety, comfort and ergonomics: the RECARO LX and LS. 

With the new 2020 edition as RECARO Classic LX and LS, the seat manufacturer is initially targeting the owners of particularly popular car models built 30 to 40 years ago. The seats echo the outstanding RECARO seating culture of the time and fit harmoniously into historic vehicle interiors with their stylish design. At the same time, they represent the latest findings and technologies in the fields of safety, comfort and ergonomics. 

A RECARO brochure from the 1990s attested the LX "above all increased comfort", while the LS was "designed entirely for sporty driving". In this context, rally legend Walter Röhrl likes to quote a RECARO advertising slogan from the 1970s: "If you sit well, you drive better was the saying at the time. I sign that one hundred per cent, because good driving starts with good sitting. The seat has to support me, hold me firmly, I have to trust it in every road and cornering situation. The seat must keep my hands free so that I can really use the steering wheel as a steering wheel and not as a holding wheel.” This confidence is reflected in the "Approved by Walter Röhrl" label.

The RECARO Classic LX and the RECARO Classic LS are available in the upholstery variants pepita fabric/leather, classic corduroy/leather, classic checkered fabric/leather, and full leather, offer an optimum seat climate and feature, among other things, individual seat depth adjustment, pronounced side bolsters and a paddable lumbar support. The LX will be available from RECARO Classic partners from July 2020 at a price of 1,950 euros, the LS will start in October 2020 at a price of 2,100 euros. All Classic Line products are manufactured in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany.

The RECARO Classic LX in a VW Golf I interior The RECARO Classic LS in a VW Beetle interior The Heritage seats of the RECARO Classic Line are availbale (from left to right) in full leather (LS), pepita fabric/leather (LX), classic corduroy/leather (LS), and classic checkered fabric/leather (LX). The RECARO Classic LS in classic corduroy/leather The RECARO Classic LS in classic corduroy/leather The special seal „Approved by Walter Röhrl“ for the RECARO Classic Line seats

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