The most lightweight retrofit seat worldwide: RECARO Pole Position Carbon (ABE)

The entire economy is experiencing a quick and sustainable process of change. Particularly the issue of environmental sustainability is more in the spotlight than ever before. Driven by economic and global changes, cutting-edge political issues such as environmental protection, reduction of CO2 emissions by less fuel consumption have also become an important engine of the automotive industry. More and more automotive manufacturers and suppliers develop and produce in harmony with nature already today. The use of lightweight materials can lead to extreme savings in weight and savings and therefore follows the tendency to expand environmental protection in a very simple way. The same goes for RECARO. Having implemented the trends of time, RECARO offers the most lightweight retrofit seat worldwide with its Pole Position Carbon (ABE), which absolutely obeys the requirements of the market for an expansion of environmental protection. Due to its low weight of only 4.5kg using the ultra-light material  Carbon-Kevlar®, the RECARO Pole Position Carbon (ABE) does not only achieve a weight reduction of the seat itself but also extreme savings of weight in the vehicle. Thus, less fuel is consumed, which in turn leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions. Moreover, the sporty lightweight seat also stands for more performance, offers excellent lateral support and is characterised by a top and unique sportive design. The self-weight of the club sports racing shell of only 4.5kg in a most modern light-weight construction makes the "RECARO Pole Position Carbon (ABE)" the lightest retrofit seat worldwide.  If you add the weight of the adapter and consoles required for the integration in the vehicle, you get a total weight of approximately 10kg per seat – which is around 60% less weight than a conventional standard serial seat including all attached parts. The ultra-light racing shell is available at authorised specialist shops from 1,895.00 EUR > More:

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