The new BMW 1 Series M Coupé should logically be called the M1. However, it cannot, may not and should not be given that name because M1 was used for BMW's super sportscar in the 1980s, and the possibility of a new edition has not been ruled out. The company Advanced Performance Parts (APP) Europe, based in Igling, Bavaria, has taken on the 1 Series M Coupé, which BMW itself described as "uncompromisingly intensive". Through a unique combination of high performance and lightweight engineering APP has developed it into an everyday car that functions as a machine for track events and also a general fun drive. The principal boxes it was expected to tick were lightweight construction, suitability for everyday driving, superior performance and agile handling. Working alongside its system and technology partners, APP has succeeded once again in putting a stunning car on the road. Credit for increasing the power from the 340 HP of the standard model to 410 HP goes to MR Car Design from Erftstadt. This is made possible by a larger intercooler, silicone hoses and some neat software modifications. A crucial factor behind the increase in power is undoubtedly the lightweight titanium exhaust system with its new downpipe, metal catalytic converter and increased diameter. A 50% weight reduction compared to the standard exhaust system is certainly not to be sniffed at. It goes pretty much without saying that this beast of a car is also equipped with a weight-optimised Movit Cer ceramic braking system with 6-piston callipers on the front axle and 4-piston callipers on the rear axle, and is thus capable of awesome braking power. The ATS Superlight rims with P Zero tyres from Pirelli also fit perfectly with the overall design whilst at the same time contributing hugely in terms of additional weightsaving and agility. The brand-new KW Variant 3 + DDC chassis with iPhone/iPod touch app for adjusting the suspension completes the balance between everyday convenience and pure racetrack credentials. The interesting striping, which mirrors the colours orange, black and grey from the interior, comes from CFC Weilheim. The interior design features lightweight BMW Performance seats with Alcantara covers and the BMW Performance steering wheel with display. In this car, thanks to APP, the mission to save every last tenth of a second was not pursued blindly; other factors were also allowed a say. This car is by necessity faster on the track than the standard model, but it can nonetheless be driven safely and enjoyably, free of the kind of track characteristics that can be annoying on the road. Weight savings – especially in the unsprung masses – ultimately result in a car that is exceptionally agile. Conversion cost excluding braking system: 14,000 euros Braking system: 20,000 euros Additional related information can be obtained direct from: APP Europe GmbH Am Alten Sportplatz 7 86859 Igling, Germany Tel: +49 152 52 43 65 94

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