Statement from Hermann Gassner on the Acropolis Rally in Greece

For the Acropolis Rally in Greece, I got the latest seat from RECARO, the RECARO Pro Racer Ultima 1.0. This seat was immediately put through the harshest possible stress test – after all, the Acropolis Rally is considered the hardest event on the World Cup calendar. The hot weather and unforgiving roads are very harsh on both the Skoda Fabia S2000 and the drivers. On the very first day, my co-driver Kathi Wüstenhagen and I put in a nearly continuous 12 hours in our rally car. It was about 70 degrees Celsius in the cockpit and the roads were arduous. At the end of the day, though, it was clear to me that the engineers at RECARO had once again done a great job. The RECARO Pro Racer Ultima 1.0 fits like a glove and I didn’t experience any pain or similar problems.

The last two days of the “Rally of the Gods” were somewhat shorter, but all the harder for it. At times we were driving over exposed, jagged rocks – pure madness! There was also a qualifying round held at night. At the end of the rally, after some minor problems, the S2000 vehicles leapt up to 4th place in the ranking. My thanks go out to RECARO and my other partners who made it possible for me to participate in this year’s Super2000 World Cup. Your Hermann Gassner Junior.

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