The perfect combination

Anyone who knows Nancy P. from Neuss as one of the scene’s colourful characters does so without doubt full of honest admiration. She and her infamously famous Scirocco, which she lovingly calls Fedde le Rocc, are indeed well known way beyond the borders of her hometown and at meets she is often wont to steal the show from other participants, which tends to make her more infamous than famous. She herself incidentally stresses repeatedly that the ‘warm Mediterranean wind’ has become so very dear to her heart due, amongst other things, to her choice of seats. And no wonder, since they do ultimately come from RECARO. Fitted at the front are two CS Sportsters upholstered in two-tone leather (black and car body colour) and grey alcantara. The benefits of all RECARO seats in relation to their adjustment to an individual’s body and vital lateral hold combined with a complementary safety-belt system are sufficiently well known. The familiar high quality of all of the company’s products has, after all, led to certification to ISO 14001. But let’s now get back to Nancy’s Scirocco. The real gem has terrific ASA alloy wheels and coilover suspension from KW. Stoptech sports brakes ensure ruthless deceleration. And with the hi-fi upgrade the appropriate sounds are always available inside the car. The outer skin has been immersed in a special paint by the name of Violet Vibration. The owner notes incidentally at every appropriate opportunity that without her ‘chairs’ the combination between her and her car would probably be less intensely perfect

RECARO Sportster CS

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