A strong name and its history – Part 3.

RECARO milestones of the 21st century: until this day RECARO Automotive Seating continues to revolutionize the seat design. The premium seat manufacturer is characterized by innovative ideas when it comes to materials and design as well as the unique connection between decades of experience and a future-oriented way of thinking. 2004 the RECARO Pole Position (ABE) was launched. To this day the model is one of the most popular racing shells, thanks to its slim design, optimum shoulder and lumbar support and its perfect ergonomics. The special thing about it: the RECARO Pole Position (ABE) was not only a highlight in terms of lightweight design but also the first street-legal racing shell. Today it celebrates its exclusive revival: Click here for more information about the RECARO Pole Position (ABE) Edition 2018: www.edition2018.recaro-automotive.com. Only one year later, in 2005, RECARO became the first seat manufacturer in the world to revolutionize seating design with its new lightweight composite shell. With load-bearing seat structures made of polymer materials it was not only lighter but also more compact and thus provided additional space in the back. In 2009 RECARO Automotive Seating launched the RECARO Pole Position Carbon (ABE) which was even lighter: with only 4.5 kilogram, it is the world’s lightest aftermarket seat. Just one year later RECARO presented the Pure Seating concept seat for urban and electric vehicles. It has intelligent adjustment mechanisms and a weight saving of 50% compared to conventional seats. In 2015, RECARO Automotive Seating transferred the platform approach to a seating concept for the first time and presented the RECARO Sport Seat Platform (RSSP). The RSSP featured an innovative combination of weight reduction with a customer-specific look and feel. In 2017 it was time for the world premiere of the new modular, customizable RECARO Performance Seat Platform (RPSP), featuring a body-shaped structure with pronounced, adjustable side bolsters for strong shoulder and torso support, offering „controlled thrills“ and direct feedback from the road. Click here for more information about the RPSP: www.performance-platform.recaro-automotive.com.

In 2009 RECARO Automotive Seating launched the RECARO Pole Position Carbon (ABE), the world’s lightest aftermarket seat with only 4.5 kilograms. The modular RPSP is designed for sports cars or high-performance derivates of volume-production vehicles in all relevant performance segments.

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