Team S.L. Trucksport 30 took the challenge Truck-Grand-Prix 2017.

The Int. ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix 2017 truly was a challenge: Both the teams on the racing circuit and the about 115,000 spectators had to face weather typical for the Eifel region. To flee the rain, a visit at the RECARO Automotive Seating booth right next to the driver’s camp was worth it. During the three-day event fans could learn more about the products, try the seats and of course stock up on some RECARO Automotive Seating fan articles. On Sunday you had to get in line to snap up an autograph of Sascha Lenz, truck racing pilot of team S.L. Trucksport 30. Starting this season, RECARO Automotive Seating supports the 30-year-old, driving in a RECARO Pro Racer SPG racing shell. Despite difficult weather conditions, the team managed to get fifth and sixth place on Saturday. Unfortunately, Sascha and his team lost streak after a promising start on Sunday: heavy rain made it hard for all the participants, but S.L. Trucksport 30s MAN-Truck was turned by a competitor, fighting for second place. Sascha managed to get back to twelfth position at least. And as if this wasn’t enough the second race of the day had to be cancelled: a Truck participating in the Mittelrhein-Cup had lost Diesel and the circuit couldn’t be cleaned on time. „Of course it’s sad to look back on the weakest results of this season. Nürburgring is like home to me and most of my fans are here. I would have liked to offer them more of a show and especially a fourth race – unfortunately it wasn’t possible to start again. But there are plenty of races lying ahead of us and I am sure there will be less bad-luck in the future,” said Sascha Lenz, despite some setbacks looking ahead motivated and optimistic. He is currently in seventh place on the FIA rating.

Autograph session with Sascha Lenz. RECARO Automotive Seating at the Int. ADAC Truck-Grand-Prix 2017.

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