RECARO Automotive Seating on board at the Nürburgring 24-Hours Race.

For the 45th time, on the weekend of May 25 – 28, the Nürburgring will host the legendary ADAC Zurich 24-hours race. As the leading supplier of racing shells, RECARO Automotive Seating will be right in the cockpit with many of the top drivers among the field of 161 participants. An Audi TTRS2 and an Audi RS3 from team LMS Engineering will compete in the race as RECARO Automotive Seating’s partner vehicles. “The brand name RECARO has been at home in motorsports for over 40 years; international teams and professional drivers trust in the safety and reliability of our racing shells,” says Markus Kussmaul, executive director of the Adient specialty seating group and responsible for the worldwide business of RECARO Performance Car Seating. “We are equipping many teams participating in the motorsports highlight of the year at the Nürburgring, most importantly several top teams in the Porsche 991 field, like Manthey Racing, or Falken Motorsport.” RECARO Automotive Seating will take part in the 45th edition of the spectacular race in the Eifel mountains itself aboard two partner vehicles. The Audi TTRS2 (# 89), driven by the fast and experienced Ring experts Daniela Schmid, Ulrich Andree, Christian Schmitz, and Stefan Wieninger, will compete in the fully packed and highly competitive SP3T class. The appearance of the new TCR class for touring cars with turbo engines and a capacity of up to two liters, a class growing in popularity worldwide, will be just as exciting. Representing RECARO Automotive Seating in this category will be the Audi RS3 (# 17), shared by gentlemen drivers Pierre Humbert, Mike Jäger, and Matthias Wasel. Ulrich Andree will also support the team by occasionally taking the wheel. Both vehicles have been entered by successful team LMS Engineering. Owner Andreas Lautner has enjoyed a 30 years career both as driver and engineer in motorsports, chalking up victories in the Dakar Rally and taking home the title in the 2012 German Endurance Championship, among other wins. Speaking about the collaboration with RECARO Automotive Seating, Lautner says: “I worked with RECARO products throughout my entire career in professional motorsports – so I cannot imagine a better partner for the 24-hours race. RECARO racing shells remain unmatched with regards to safety and quality. Plus, you have their perfect ergonomics and the possibility to individually adjust them to fit different drivers, which is key in endurance racing.” The RECARO P 1300 GT is the racing shell of choice for LMS Engineering. „A big step forward in the matter of feedback for our drivers. The shell and its sidemount have proved to be stiffer and sturdier than previous solutions,“ says Lautner. It is the world’s first racing shell to meet the FIA 8862-2009 advanced racing seat standards while offering length adjustment using a flexible adapter. With this, and its removable upholstery pads, it offers drivers a maximum of individual adjustment options. It is the ideal racing shell for competitions with frequent driver changes, like a 24-hours race, in which – despite its long duration – every second counts.

Team LMS Engineering Audi RS3 (# 17) and Audi TTRS2 (# 89) RECARO P1300 GT

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