RECARO at the Tokyo Auto Salon: Take a seat!

72 RECARO products invited visitors to take a seat and to experience the RECARO brand: “At the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon, we built a RECARO theatre – with 72 seats, from motorsport to comfort segment, where people are invited to come in, sit down, enjoy the products and watch our short video on the big screen,” says Mitsuhiro Maeguchi, Marketing Manager at RECARO Automotive Seating in Japan. “The film promoted the reason why people choose RECARO as the best brand in automotive seating. The same applies for our new brochures, where 16 professional race drivers answered the question about what makes RECARO seats so special and distinguishes us from others. The combination of our super sporty design, pioneering materials and German craftsmanship is highly appreciated not only by end consumers but by our OEM customers in Japan as well. And with our premium stand design and concept we pointed out how important the Asian market is for us.” At the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon, January 13-15, RECARO Automotive Seating showcased its new limited edition seat in attractive green for both the RECARO Sportster and the RECARO Sportster LL100H SE. The 2017 color green is the follow-up to 2016’s limited edition color yellow and 2015’s limited edition color orange - both very successful in sales. Also on display: the new trim cover design of the RECARO sport seat SR-7 CLASSIC and a new flat-type seat cushion for RECARO LX-F and RECARO SR-7F. Both products will be launched in April 2017.

Showtime: Visitors crowded the RECARO theatre. (Image: © RECARO Automotive Seating) Spacious again: The RECARO stand at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon. (Image: © RECARO Automotive Seating) The calm before the storm: 72 seats waiting for visitors the night before the trade show opened. (Image: © RECARO Automotive Seating) Again a visitor magnet: RECARO attracted private customers as well as dealers and OEM customers. (Image: © RECARO Automotive Seating)

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