What 2016 holds in store for us: New limited edition: Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO

The Mazda MX-5 is already a complete success, but Mazda UK is taking it one step further: A limited edition of this familiar roadster will hit the streets early next year. This even more athletic vehicle is named “Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO,” which is a sign of what’s in store for us: RECARO is right at the forefront again and, by virtue of comfort, sporting flair and ergonomics, has transitioned from being an upgrade in the “High Grade” equipment line for the Mazda MX-5 to becoming standard equipment in the limited edition “Mazda MX-5 Sport Recaro” model. To top it off, even the RECARO name is part of the designation for the new variant. In keeping with the performance offered by the 160-hp car, the RECAROs feature a familiar sporty design, provide a secure hold and ensure a comfortable ride thanks to the ergonomically shaped backrest offering ideal support for the body. The first-class look of the seats perfectly match the sports car’s interior: high-quality napa leather and Alcantara were used, and a red band provides a color accent. The design of the sports seat is also reflected in the vehicle’s interior: the dashboard, handbrake lever and gear lever also feature the same, sporty style. Another highlight is the Bose loudspeakers integrated into the headrest, which ensure a great sound experience on the road. Seat heating and a side airbag round off the seat package. The “Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO” is the first limited edition of the fourth-generation MX-5, and it will be available in England in the colors “Soul Red Metallic“ and “Ceramic Metallic” and at a base price of £24,295. The first limited edition of the “Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO” comprises 600 vehicles.

New limited edition: Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO (Image © Mazda) New limited edition: Mazda MX-5 Sport RECARO (Image © Mazda)

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