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We are happy about every race in which the outstanding safety characteristics of RECARO seats are not put to the test – but it’s nice to see that you can count on them when it matters. This was impressively demonstrated with the RECARO Pro Racer in the case of a serious accident of the German rally driver Armin Schwarz at last year’s Baja 1000. Although his trophy truck rolled over several times, he and his passenger Bryan Lyttle remained unharmed. “I am firmly convinced that if this had happened to another driver without a RECARO seat, there would have been dire consequences,” says Schwarz. The accident occurred on one of the fastest straightaways at race mile 250. Spectators had negligently piled up a mound on the track, which due to twilight conditions Schwarz noticed too late for dodging at a speed of around 150 km/h. The desert racer initially turned over in the forward direction, then several times over the side – the car was seriously damaged, and it was impossible to continue the race. For Armin Schwarz it is clear: “Because we were securely fixed through head and neck support and the RECARO seat, we were unharmed. I would in no case continue to drive without the Pro Racer. The crash has once again shown me that you need safety always in the moment when you least expect it.”

Still in the race After the crash With these damages, the race couldn’t be finished

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