Positive conclusion

The Truck Race European Championship recently came to an end. After a difficult start, Ellen Lohr and her teammate at Truckdrive-JRT, Anthony Janiec, were able to continuously improve and ultimately finish the season satisfied. In the last race of the season on October 12 at Le Mans, Ellen Lohr took eighth place in her MAN race truck equipped with RECARO race shells for the second time after the race at the Circuito del Jarama near Madrid – Lohr’s best placement of the season! However, it was a long time coming. The first half of the season was marked by technical problems – Lohr lovingly christened her truck “Zombie” – and scuffles with rivals on the track which often ended the race for Lohr. Even on her “home track,” the Nürburgring, Lohr initially had problems with the turbocharger. When the technology finally played along, she was “shot down” by a competitor. But even if things did not go all too well in the races, the great support of the fans in the ring was a highlight of the season for Lohr. The turning point finally came in the second half of the season. Summer rains in Most, Czech Republic, resulted in several advantages for Lohr and her teammates. On the one hand, the weather allowed the heat-sensitive “Zombie” to cool off, and on the other hand both Ellen and Anthony drive well in the rain. The very good seventh place for Janiec and eleventh place for Lohr was then very gratifying at the end. On the Belgian Zolder Circuit, things went better for the team. There Lohr was able to take points with a great tenth place, and Janiec again took seventh after an exceptional driving performance. Things were looking up from there on. With the two eighth places in Jarama and Le Mans, the turbulent season of ups and downs came to a good end. The fast native of Mönchengladbach and her team showed that it pays not give up. In the end it was enough for fifth place overall in the team championship; in the drivers’ championship, Lohr took sixteenth and Janiec eighth place overall.
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