New Nissan 370 Z Nismo with RECARO seats

The current model of Nissan’s legendary “Z”-series, the 370 Z with over 320 horsepower, is considered by sports car fans to be one of the best offers in the field of “serious” autos. This applies in spades to the top version of the cult racer, the 370 Z Nismo, which has been even further improved by Nissan’s sports department. The new 2015 model of the 370 Z Nismo is now ready to enter the market: in addition to the known increased-performance engine, it can boast comprehensive updates to the vehicle’s body and chassis as well as a markedly more refined interior, including special designer sport seats from RECARO Automotive Seating as standard equipment. The premise of the Nismo versions is, through many details, to produce a noticeably sporty upgrade to Nissan’s standard vehicles. Seats from RECARO are an important building block towards reaching this goal. With them drivers are really able to take the best possible advantage of the very high potential of the Nismo vehicles.

Dynamic powerhouse: the new 2015 Nissan 370 Z Nismo gets around 350 hp out of its V6 engine. (Picture: © Nissan) With the Nismo-look: the RECARO seats impress with their two-tone leather and alcantara trim. (Picture: © Nissan)

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