The hand-finished two-seater Artega GT with RECARO seats

The sports car scene gains a new member with the Artega GT. This mid-engine sportster has been stripped down to the key elements: it is compact, lightweight and incredibly agile. The sleek lines of this German sports car look extremely impressive when cornering. The slender RECARO bucket seats with their innovative lightweight construction reinforce this image, perfectly matching its body design. The 3.6 litre V6 engine above the rear axle enables the car, with more than 300 bhp and a weight of only 1,285 kg, to go from zero to one hundred in only 4.2 seconds – and that despite plenty of standard features. The Artega GT’s feather lightness is thanks to its aluminium frame, high-strength steel and fibre-reinforced composites, which RECARO also uses for its seats. In the minimalist interior the sports car is equipped with these top quality materials and in this way definitely fits the zeitgeist. As do the RECARO bucket seats with their cutting edge hybrid construction, either in exquisite leather or fabric, ensuring the perfect driving position and excellent side support when taking corners at high speeds. The sleek design of both RECARO sports seats allows for plenty of room for baggage behind the driver and passenger. In the Artega GT the new hybrid production method is used for car seats. With this manufacturing process, RECARO has brought about a revolution in seat design by using fibre-reinforced plastics for load-bearing structures as well as in other areas. Conventional seats have heavy, bulky metal structures. The new process allows for significant weight reduction and space saving, together with a wide variety of individual seat designs that have not been possible until now. As the pioneer and innovator in this area, RECARO is constantly investigating improvements to the production method which will allow it to use a broad spectrum of materials.

Interior Artega GT with RECARO bucket seats

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