Hermann Gassner, jr. rallye accident: not a scratch thanks to RECARO seat

It’s indisputable: safety in motorsports starts with the seats. After all, even with reinforcements the best auto body is useless if the driver is not optimally secured in the vehicle. Of course, it’s best when accidents never happen in the first place, but when serious events occur, every driver is optimally protected if they’re sitting in a RECARO seat. This is something that German rally driver Hermann Gassner, jr. personally experienced at the Rally Niedersachsen, a rally in Lower Saxony which is part of the German national rally championship. H. Gassner jr.:“After the first day of the rallye went very well for us and we were only slightly behind after two stages and within reach of a spot on the podium, the second day didn’t go as we had hoped. After a fast right curve, my copilot, Ursula Mayrhofer, and I left the course and flipped over lengthwise. Thanks to numerous safety features, and especially thanks to the RECARO Pro Racer racing shells, we were able to step out of the car practically uninjured. While we’re recovering from our bruises, I can only say thanks again for the outstanding quality of the seats of our partner, RECARO. And believe me, I am really looking forward to the next Rallye, of course with RECARO again.”

Full throttle: on the hunt for the best time (Image: © H. Gassner jr.) Hermann Gassner jr. in his rally Mitsubishi (Image: © H. Gassner jr.)

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