Comfortable and ergonomic out on the race track: Team 75 Bernhard uses RECARO truck seats

At Team 75 Bernhard, it’s a point of honor that its drivers in the Porsche Carrera Cup leave the starting line sitting in RECARO racing shells. After all, team principle Rüdiger Bernhard had nothing but positive experiences with the brand’s racing shells during his active period as a race car driver. The team’s mentor, RECARO brand ambassador, sports car driver and Le Mans winner Timo Bernhard, is convinced of the all-around quality of RECARO products. “The good feeling that I’ve had about RECARO seats has remained constant in many very different vehicles through the years. RECARO is really a very special seat manufacturer which perfectly combines sportiness, dynamics and good seating.” Thus, it was only logical that RECARO seats would also be installed in the cab of the team’s own Iveco truck. Because the home base of Team 75 Bernhard is only a few kilometers away from the RECARO Automotive Seating’s technical center in Kaiserslautern, it became a point of honor for Rüdiger Bernhard and his son Timo to swing by for a short pit stop. Easy said, easy done: Thanks to RECARO’s available riser with ABE for the Iveco Stralis, installing the fine new RECARO C 7000 seats was finished in no time. “In my earlier professional life in the technical field service I was always on the move,” Rüdiger Bernhard explains. “At the time, to do something about my constant back pain, I bought an ergonomic seat from RECARO. After that, my back problems were over. Since then, I’ve always ridden in a RECARO seat, in my everyday life as well as in racing. When I heard that this option was also available for our truck, it was clear that we had to put a RECARO seat in there!” Racing professional Timo Bernhard is also enthusiastic about the new seat in the team truck: “Compared to the standard seat, the new RECARO C 7000 plays in a whole other league in terms of ergonomics, quality and looks. It’s enough to make me jealous of my father, who now gets to drive to the races in this fine piece of equipment. But seriously: naturally it is very important for our team that every team member arrives at the course relaxed and fit. That’s something that new RECARO seats in our team truck will now make a noticeable contribution to.” Additional information about RECARO aftermarket seats for trucks is available here: Team 75 Bernhard can be found here:

Trying out the seat: Team principal Rüdiger Bernhard and Timo Bernhard (f.r.t.l.) check out the new RECARO seat in the team’s truck for the first time (Image: © RECARO) Speed: Team 75 driver Earl Bamber (#20) also relies on RECARO during his starts in the Porsche Carrera Cup (Image: © Team 75 Bernhard) Workplace: The truck the team uses to take their equipment to the race course (Image: © RECARO)

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