Nissan GT-R Nismo: taking the pole position with 600 hp and RECARO seats

Among many sports car fans, the Nissan GT-R is one of the most agile cars on the market. Now the Japanese brand with a long tradition is raising the ante, because the in-house motorsports and performance division Nismo (a combination of Nissan and motorsport) is showing the GT-R Nismo for the first time in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show from March 6 to 16, 2014. The top-of-the-line model available from September 2014 not only increases the power of the Nismo palette by 50 hp compared to the standard GT-R to 441 kW (600 hp) but also trims the aerodynamics, chassis, and powertrain in many respects to provide even more performance. For such a powerhouse, which is also well-equipped for trips to the racetrack, only top-level performance seats are in question, of course. In close collaboration with Nismo, RECARO Automotive Seating therefore created the exclusive series seats of the new GT-R Nismo. These score points not only for their outstanding sporting qualities and top ergonomics, but also in terms of the best materials, such as a backrest shell made of carbon fiber for the cars in Europe and Asia, an elegant two-color design, including red stitching, and an embroidered Nismo logo on the headrest. More Info:

A powerhouse: the 600-hp Nissan GT-R Nismo (Images: © Nissan) Performance at its best: RECARO seats in the Nismo style (Images: © Nissan) Details make the difference: the embroidered Nismo logo (Images: © Nissan)

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