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Regardless of whether it’s about developing a new racing shell or a comfortable aftermarket seat, optimum ergonomics are always an integral part of the endeavor at RECARO Automotive Seating. The fact that the know-how of our engineers in this area isn’t always visually apparent, yet physically always very evident once you’re seated, is expressed in a statement we received a few days ago from German professional rally driver Hermann Gassner Jr.: "For almost 10 years, I’ve faithfully relied on the safety and comfort of RECARO motor sport seats, both as a rally co-pilot and as a pilot. Particularly in the course of world championship rally competitions, when you’re almost constantly sitting in a rally car for three days, there’s no time or desire for fatigue or pain caused by the seat you’re sitting in. Normally, I never have to give this any thought, but since last weekend, I’ve once again been made aware of it. After just an hour of ‘taxi driving’ a rally car, I was in such pain that could barely get out of the car. At first, I couldn’t figure it out, but when I looked behind me, I knew why: I hadn’t been sitting in a Recaro seat! What had initially felt relatively normal became very painful in just an hour – that’s not something I’m used to with ‘my’ racing shells. So, I want to extend a big thank-you to Recaro for paying close attention not only safety, but also to the long-term seating comfort of drivers!” Profile: Hermann Gassner Jr. Born in 1988 in Bad Reichenhall, Germany, Hermann Gassner Jr. is currently among the top talents in German rally sport racing. After placing 7th and 4th in his first two championship seasons, Gassner managed to win the German Rally Championship (DRM) in 2009, becoming the youngest driver to do so. In subsequent seasons, the blazingly fast Bavarian primarily focused on World Rally Championship racing and the Intercontinental Rally Challenge in his Skoda Fabia S2000. In 2013, Gassner is once again racing with his Austrian co-pilot, Ursula Mayrhofer, in various national and international rallies, and driving a Mitsubishi EVO X. Since the beginning of his racing career, Gassner has relied on RECARO racing shells. Find current information here:

Hermann Gassner and Ursula Mayrhofer in their Mitsubishi EVO X - © H. Gassner Jr.

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