Baja race - only in the RECARO SPA Armin Schwarz got reliably through the goal

The Baja countryrace is not simply a rally, but a rather hard race over hill and dale. There are nearly any rules. Here a simple principle is valid: who first reaches the goal, clearly won. Over 1000 miles (1600 km) nonstop over the Peninsula - Baja California - hard but comfortable (in the Recaro SPA), exactly the correct fealing for real men such as Armin Schwarz. Except sumptuous nature and much dust there is actually nothing to discover here. Where otherwise nature is left to ist own, Armin Schwarz drives with its Baja Buggy, a high fencetubeframe with a powerful BMW-M5-Motor in the tail with 650 HP and on free and sandy passages is possible even up to 220 km/h. With the Buggys the wheels at the long hanging jumps strongly up and down. The construction of the Buggys permits springways up to 70 centimeters. Here the holes are deeper than elsewhere, therefore also the wheels are so large. Oversized stones and ditches nearly of the size of a swimmingpool do not simplify the stay in the passenger cabine. Armin Schwarz however does not even think for taking the foot from the gas to or brake, it and its Buggy floats over obstacles of all art. without the correct carseat that would be not possible. Armin Schwarz: „At a nearly 5 - hour trip as in a washing machine is the most important to sit well and surely. Anywhere else as with Baja race pilots are not charged in such a way. Only in the RECARO Profi SPA I get reliably and comfortably over this runways". Unfortunately Armin had fewer luck with the last Baja 500: „with nearly 20 minutes advantage we had to turn the Racebuggy off with a damage to the power transmission with running mile 328 “. A positive message the team could register however, Armin Kremer and Boris Said, the team colleagues in the second AGM got still into the Top 10. > More:

Armin Schwarz Race Buggy Baja California

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