Ready to Race and sponsored by RECARO: the Ford Focus \"TrackSTer“

There’s no discussion among sportscar fans: the Ford Focus ST is one of the best cars in its segment. An exclusive project car that had its debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show (7th to 8th Febuary, 2013) is now showing the real racetrack potential of the Ford hatchback. The „TrackSTer“ is the first of three cars within the RECARO sponsored “Project ST” – a joint project of Ford, the well-reputed Californian tuning specialists “Fifteen52” and rally driver Ken Block, the star of many notorious “Gymkhana” videos on YouTube. The “TrackSTer” is a Focus ST, re-engineered in every detail to obtain maximum track performance, remains street legal. The original ST got a completely new engine (with about 500hp), transmission and suspension components, all-around body work and an extensive interior upgrade – including RECARO Profi XL race shells. The “TrackSTer” will appear at numerous US car shows during 2013. There the car is also working as a rolling display for the tuning parts used. A partial list of the parts will be available to all Focus ST enthusiasts seeking to “TrackSTerize” their own Ford. “As the ‘Project ST’ cars mark the top level of present time track performance they match precisely with the key elements of our brand”, says Ed Hessell, Senior Sales Manager at RECARO Automotive Seating in North America. “With the great attention the ‘TrackSTer’ project has yet received from the public it is a perfect marketing platform for us. It fosters the link between RECARO and high level sports cars in the perception of our target group.”

Ford Focus „TrackSTer” (Picture: Ford Focus „TrackSTer” (Picture: Ford Focus „TrackSTer” (Picture:

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