From the first workshop picture to the first RECARO advertisement!

RECARO impressions – the big pictures of the RECARO history.

It is the year 1908. This is the oldest known photograph (approx. 1908) in our history showing founder Wilhelm Reutter and his staff. In 1906 the 32-year old saddler master Wilhelm Reutter founded the “Stuttgarter Carosserie- u. Radfabrik” (Stuttgart Body and Wheel) in the west of Stuttgart to produce car bodies and interiors.

In November 1949, Reutter started the production of car bodies, interior fittings and seats for the Porsche 356 at the Reutter plants in Stuttgart, Germany. This picture (from 1960) shows the Reutter plant II, situated in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

In 1963, Reutter sold the body plant “Stuttgarter Karosseriewerk Reutter & Co GmbH” to Porsche and 950 employees changed to Porsche. 250 employees stayed with Reutter and became the first employees of the new company RECARO, now focusing on seats only. This picture (1964) shows one of the first ads of the new company RECARO. The message is still valid “if you sit well, you drive better”.

1908: Wilhelm Reutter and his staff. ©Familienarchiv Reutter 1960: Reutter plant II ©Familienarchiv Reutter 1964: One of the first RECARO advertisements with the new company name. ©Familienarchiv Reutter

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