Real craftsmanship produces premium quality in every single detail.

A RECARO seat is like a tailor-made suit. It fits perfectly, effortlessly underlining your unique personality by combining elegance, premium quality and individual style. Only products made with expertise and absolute passion make you feel this special. Products that impress with top craftsmanship and premium materials. And are coherent in every detail.                                                       

Just a few meters away from the former RECARO headquarters in Augustenstrasse in Stuttgart, Jesper Ploug runs his high-class tailor’s. As in the making of our RECARO seats, there is also a lot of traditional craftsmanship and love for detail involved in a made-to-measure suit. The evenly sewn seams, the silhouette matched perfectly to the wearer’s body, the great ability to think as customers think and many years of professional expertise learned through traditional craftsmanship. All this makes it visible, tangible and different from an off-the-rack solution.                                                                                               

It is not only for made-to-measure suits. For our RECARO seats you have a choice of different colors and materials too. You are thus able to perfectly match your new seats to your personal preferences and your car’s interior. In the seats’ production, the full gamut of our experts’ skilled craftsmanship comes out in the sewing of the seams, the upholstery work and the quality finish. Their discerning eyes and love of detail ensure that even the smallest seat feature underlines the claim of RECARO to premium status.

Jesper Ploug. A designer with love for detail. Not only with a tailored suit - our RECARO seats are also offered with different cover materials and colors to choose. Made-to-measure and top-class craftsmanship.

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