RECARO seats for the everyday life.

An ergonomic sitting position also means a comfortable position. Are you looking forward to every drive in the car? Is driving a car for you comparable to a relaxing visit to the spa? Maybe not yet…

With a RECARO seat we make every journey an experience to savor - thanks to smart comfort features and perfect seat contours that support your body. Arrive relaxed and refreshed! The body support is vital.                                            

Sitting in the car is one of the worst possible positions for your body because you sit always passively. What's more, depending on the route, driving style and road surface, factors like centrifugal force, deceleration and vibrations come into play: why many drivers complain of muscle tension, cirulatory problems, headaches or concentration issues on long journeys. Therefore a good car seat has to compensate these factors with support and protection. Sit back and relax.

You know the feeling all too well. You get into your car, eat up the miles, and arrive seized up and stressed out just in time for the next meeting. Sitting, sitting and more sitting.
With RECARO, you step out of your car feeling relaxed and ready for whatever work can throw at you, even after a long journey. That's because RECARO seats work around your needs.


With the comfort seats from RECARO Automotive you arrive relaxed at your destination. RECARO seats are perfectly fitting for your needs whether long tracks or short tracks.

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