A strong name and its history – Part 2.

From setting new ergonomic standards to integrated stereo loudspeakers or innovative materials: Between 1970 and the late 1980s RECARO presented a row of new forward-looking milestones in terms of seat development. In 1977 RECARO launched the pneumatic lumbar support, the RECARO Airmatic®, and revolutionized mobile seating. Adjustable side bolsters on seat cushion and backrest and RECARO's first electrically adjustable backrest significantly improved the ability to adapt to individual requirements. That meant a huge technical lead in terms of ergonomics and comfort for the driver. Under the name RECAROfonie the company presented a seat in 1982 that was equipped with stereo speakers integrated into the headrest to provide a whole new audio experience in the car. Two years later this innovation was followed by a further development in comfort: the RECARO CSE came with a memory function and therefore the ability to “remember” adjustments. In 1986 especially taxi drivers were glad as the RECARO T-Line impressed with a breathable seat cover to optimize seat climate – comfortable not only on long drives. At the end of the 1980s, RECARO presented another innovation – this time affecting the materials: the RECARO A8 was the first sport seat to come with a back shell made of plastic, making it lighter while opening up new possibilities in terms of design.

The RECARO CSE: the first seat with a memory function. Revolution in terms of new materials: the RECARO A8 was the first sport seat to come with a back shell made of plastic.

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