If things start getting too easy for the EVO, it's time to hit the ice – EVO winter training with Gassner Motorsport

No one normally likes finding themselves driving on black ice unless it's part of the annual EVO winter training. Tracks were prepared specifically for these events in Faistenau near Salzburg, Austria. The ten participants shared 5 Mitsubishi EVOs from Gassner Motorsport, and they soon discovered that things can happen pretty fast on snow and ice. They received instruction and were watched over by the experienced instructor Christian Riegler and were superbly supported by Hermann Gassner, Karin Thannhäuser and their team. The participants, following in the tyre tracks of rally driver Walter Röhrl and untroubled by any traffic travelling in the opposite direction, were able to practice drifting and pulling out of skids on ice and snow. Participants ranged from drivers quite new to drifting all the way up to the committed amateur rally driver. Thomas received his EVO winter training experience as a gift from kind colleagues, and he enjoyed the event so thoroughly that he is thinking of signing up for it again next year. Martin said "I signed up for this event as part of my preparation for the forthcoming rally season". The surface under the EVOs was slippery, but everything stayed firmly in place within the EVOs. First and foremost, driver and co-driver alike were held superbly in the RECARO sports seats and racing shells, fitted as standard in the Gassner EVOs. Every now and then one of the drivers would skid into the yielding walls of snow, and with an understanding smile Hermann Gassner would tell them how to extricate themselves and get back on track. As this successful day drew to a close not one of the drivers or EVOs had come to grief.

Mitsubishi EVOs from Gassner Motorsport Mitsubishi EVOs from Gassner Motorsport Mitsubishi EVOs from Gassner Motorsport Mitsubishi EVOs from Gassner Motorsport

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