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Essen Motor Show 2021
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RECARO serienmäßig? Bei vielen Fahrzeugherstellern lohnt sich ein Blick in die Ausstattungs- oder Optionslisten, um ein neues Auto schon ab Werk mit RECARO Sitzen zu ordern.

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More than 50 years ago, Steve McQueen blessed us with the iconic chase scene through the streets of San Francisco in a Mustang. Mehr erfahren
Essen Motor Show Mehr erfahren
#MotorsportsMondays 🏁 Congratulations to Robinson Racing - Team Riley Motorsports for winning the Petit le Mans at Road Atlanta and clenching the IMSA 2021 LMP3 Full Season and Michelin Endurance Cup Championships 🏁 Mehr erfahren
Marius May (@lower_bavarian_motorworks) is an athlete. Due to his size - 1,90m/6'4" 102 kg/225 lbs - he needed a seat that fits him completely and keeps his back secure. Mehr erfahren
SPOTTED at IMSA Road Atlanta: KTM X-BOW #88 Mehr erfahren
RECARO Automotive is at the 24th Annual Motul Petit Le Mans! The activities are non-stop from then until the drop of the checkered flag on Saturday night. Don’t miss a second of the action! Mehr erfahren
1998 Jetta GLI 16V - Original Seats in pristine condition! Mehr erfahren
hank you sport auto readers for naming RECARO Automotive the best Sports Seats. We are honored to receive the highest score amongst all the voted categories. Mehr erfahren
The wait is over. Welcome to the 2021 Sema Show! Mehr erfahren
#MotorsportsMondays Mehr erfahren
Thank you #JPPerformance for visiting our #RECAROAutomotive Germany location in Kirchheim / Teck. We can’t wait to have you back and producing your own RECARO Automotive seat soon. Mehr erfahren
#MotorsportMonday Starting your Monday off right with Kuba Przygoński in his RECARO Pro Racer SPG seat. A seat where over 50 years of RECARO Automotive racing technology and manufacturing expertise comes together. Mehr erfahren
RECARO Sportster CS seats trimmed in black Napa leather and black @alcantara. Mehr erfahren
#DidYouKnow RECARO Automotive’s roots follow a long history as a coachbuilder for many luxury automakers? Founded in 1906 by master saddler Wilhelm Reutter Mehr erfahren
You know what you want. You love new challenges and have a clear view of your goals. What drives you? Determination, passion and performance. We are the same! RECARO turns powerful moments into lasting memories. Mehr erfahren
L’ART 968 made by @lartdelautomobilekar for @porsche Collab. Mehr erfahren
The Fun-Havers and Holley Ford Festival both lived up to their names this past weekend as all of the fun was had in a variety of Ford powered vehicles! Mehr erfahren
RECARO Automotive seats are chosen from decade to decade because they are the best in performance, quality, and value,” says Norris Mitchell (@NorrisMitchellj51911) Mehr erfahren
More than 115 years of providing quality and craftsmanship to every seat we create. #RECAROAutomotive Mehr erfahren
L’ART 968 design team official KARACING jacket with Porsche. Mehr erfahren
Join us in welcoming the legendary @jackyickxofficial to Instagram! Mehr erfahren
”If you’re looking for the top quality, comfort and ergonomics, RECARO Automotive is the answer,” says Martin Rodríguez (@martin_mkv), who owns a Volkswagen Golf MK3 GTI and Golf 3. Mehr erfahren
Race weekend is here! RECARO Automotive is at the heart of motorsports at the @gplongbeach ! Mehr erfahren
Your front row seat to all the action at Motor Bella at the M1 Concourse. Mehr erfahren
Check out our final round of Season 3 of our eMotorsport Diversionary Therapy Program tonight at 8PM EST, the eighth round of the Operation eMotorsport iRacing Summer League by RECARO, live from virtual Watkins Glen International. Mehr erfahren
“RECARO Automotive is a legend in the world of automotive seating,” says Jennifer Nowak. “So when it came to finding quality seats for my 2016 @audi A3 8V Sportback, RECARO was the only choice.” Mehr erfahren
Covering your back since 1906. Mehr erfahren
The RECARO O.N.S. (Oberste Nationale Sportkommission) track safety team is on the scene for this weekend’s historic 1,000 kilometer race on the @nuerburgring Nordschleife! Mehr erfahren
A muscle car with a distinctive interior. Mehr erfahren
Seats tailor made with your comfort in mind. Mehr erfahren
LIVE! From legendary road racing circuit @weathertechraceway (TW: @weathertechrcwy), RECARO Automotive is at the heart of motorsports. Mehr erfahren
”Aesthetically beautiful and meant for spirited driving, RECARO Automotive seating has completely upgraded the look and feel of my 2016 Volkswagen MK7 Golf R Variant,” says Alex Forbes (@forbes.7r_variant). Mehr erfahren
In a league of its own… Mehr erfahren
Besucht uns auf der @iaamobiliy in der Halle B4 auf dem @Motorworld Gemeinschaftsstand. Mehr erfahren
Willkommen zum Mobilitätsevent des Jahres! Mehr erfahren
“For vintage car lovers, RECARO Automotive’s Classic Line is simply a must.” Mehr erfahren
#RECAROmoments – stay tuned! Mehr erfahren
September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. Mehr erfahren
In einer Woche geht es los: RECARO Automotive ist beim Mobilitätsevent des Jahres vor Ort. Mehr erfahren
“I’ve been working on a special long term project on my M3 using rare and unique parts like @BMW Performance Seats from RECARO Automotive,” says Andreas Beroukas (@bmw.project). Mehr erfahren
We want to see you at the Woodward Dream Cruise 2021!! Mehr erfahren
🍾🍾🍾 for Travis Pastrana setting a new Climb to the Clouds record of 5:28.67 this weekend! Mehr erfahren
Built Ford Tough. Mehr erfahren
Want the Best Seats in the House at Woodward Dream Cruise? Mehr erfahren
#RECAROHistory Lightweight, Flexible & Space-saving. Mehr erfahren
Woodward Dream Spot – Do you have a show worthy car with RECARO Automotive seats and Brembo brakes? Mehr erfahren
“RECARO Automotive has consistently been the standard by which all others are measured!” Mehr erfahren
It’s all about the details… Mehr erfahren
(1 of 2) “RECARO Automotive is, and will remain, the ultimate sport seat,” says Damiano Di Viesti (@Ragazzo7979), who has owned 3 cars with our seats. Mehr erfahren
This weekend at @evergreenspeedway @chelseadenofa got his #3 WIN of the season! Mehr erfahren
WORLD of RECARO: Sidney Hoffmann, Germany Mehr erfahren
WORLD of RECARO: Michele Abbate Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #14 – Fuel for Fans. There’s nothing better for your morning coffee than this performance inspired RECARO Automotive Dynamic Mug, perfect for energizing your day. Mehr erfahren
The VW Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept created in collaboration with @xjamiexoe… The sporty utility vehicle of our dreams. Mehr erfahren
#RECAROHistory No compromises, safety first. Mehr erfahren
The best seats in the house at @concoursusa! Mehr erfahren
This is how you Shakedown the competition! Mehr erfahren
Go Hard or Go Home! 🏁 Mehr erfahren
Behind Door # 15 - From the road to the workplace. Mehr erfahren
Diehard petrolheads know a thing or two about the best performance seats in the market. Mehr erfahren
#RECAROHistory In 1995, RECARO Automotive introduced the world’s first racing shell featuring head protection. Mehr erfahren
Your daily dose of diesel brought to you by @vongerman_custompixel and this @opel Astra H GTC. Mehr erfahren
RECARO Automotive: the winner’s seat. 🏆 Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto Like Christmas in July. Mehr erfahren
KTM X-BOW x RECARO Automotive - Setting a new standard for carbon fiber race vehicles and revolutionary safety. Mehr erfahren
WORLD of RECARO: @kota339.official Mehr erfahren
We are pleased to be the WINNER for outstanding product and communication design at the ABC Award 2021 – The world of mobility for the market launch campaign of the RECARO Automotive Classic Line in the "Campaign" category. Mehr erfahren
Red, White and Blue. Experience freedom behind the wheel with RECARO Automotive. Mehr erfahren
#RECAROHistory The art of the RECARO Rallye II. Mehr erfahren
Watch as #JPPerformance revolutionizes the interior of this Mercedes Benz C63 AMG with RECARO Podium seats. Performance technology doesn’t get better than this! Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto “RECARO Automotive are simply the best car seats in the world. The cars I’ve owned that didn’t come with factory RECARO seats, I’ve had modified just in order to include them.” Mehr erfahren
This International Women Drivers’ Day, we celebrate the pivotal role women have had in the auto industry and especially those sitting behind the wheel in a RECARO Automotive seat. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door # 13 – The Dynamic Hoodie from RECARO Automotive features a cool sapphire background and bold silhouette inspired by our line of Dynamic Seats. Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto “Heritage. Performance. Respect. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of RECARO Automotive.” Mehr erfahren
Behind Door # 12 - The RECARO Automotive Classic Loopscarf is elegant and sophisticated, soft to the touch and enriched with our iconic pepita pattern featured in our iconic Classic Line of seats approved by @walter.roehrl. Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto “As an owner of an auto accessories store, I have owned more than 50 pairs of RECARO Automotive seats over the years. Mehr erfahren
Nothing beats an original. 🏆 Mehr erfahren
#RECAROHistory Sold only in Germany as a retrofit seat during the second half of the 60's, the RECARO Automotive Idealsitz-S Sports Seats are some of our brand’s rarest seats. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #11 – The RECARO Automotive Race T-Shirt. Mehr erfahren
What a spectacular ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen Nürburgring! Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto Introducing our newest RECARO Automotive partner @vincentkolb! Mehr erfahren
In honor of the ADAC TOTAL 24h-Rennen Nürburgring at Nürburgring this weekend, here’s a closer look at our exclusive RECARO Automotive Sportster CS Nürburgring Edition seats, built for an uncompromised dynamic ride on the road, track and even through “The Mehr erfahren
RECARO Automotive performance meets the most powerful Mustang of all-time: the Shelby GT500. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #10 – Start your morning off right with this beautifully designed porcelain RECARO Automotive classic mug featuring our iconic pepita pattern approved by @walter.roehrl. Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto “I have always dreamed of being able to own RECARO Automotive seats, and now that I have them, I will never stop appreciating their perfection.” Mehr erfahren
#AutomotiveHistory Designing the future. Mehr erfahren
#TBT to a #RECARO brand ambassador – the Porsche 914/6 GT! Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #9 – The RECARO Automotive Race Beanie. Mehr erfahren
Watch as @VaughnGittinJr and @ChelseaDeNofa tear up the race track in RECARO Automotive seating in this absolutely wild video from Orlando this weekend! 🔥 Mehr erfahren
Nicola Pisolo found his first set of RECARO Automotive seats last year. Mehr erfahren
Nothing beats the original. 🏆 Mehr erfahren
Because classic never goes out of style. Mehr erfahren
The view from the RECARO Automotive Podium seats inside the @MTMOnline 2021 @AudiOfficial RS6 Avant. Mehr erfahren
A look inside the Aimé Leon Dore Porsche 911 SC… Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #8 - This sophisticated RECARO Automotive loopscarf is enriched with the pepita pattern found in our Classic seating line approved by @walter.roehrl. Mehr erfahren
If you want seats that look awesome and are extremely comfortable, you have to get RECARO Automotive,” says customer Daniel Siegwardt Mehr erfahren
#AutomotiveHistory: Cool Cabbies Edition. Mehr erfahren
Welcome to the RECARO Automotive Flagship store, we’re plaid you came. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #7 - Fuel for RECARO Automotive fans. Mehr erfahren
Stay Tuned.... Mehr erfahren
Walter Röhrl visits the RECARO Automotive Flagship store and gives his seal of approval. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #5 – the Silhouette T-Shirt. Anything but ordinary, this unique t-shirt combines all RECARO Automotive’s collections into one. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #3 – the Race Hoodie designed for winners. Inspired by RECARO Automotive’s Pro Racer seats, this hoodie’s leisurely style meets the ultimate racing performance with its cool design and eye-catching details. Mehr erfahren
Some first impressions of the RECARO Automotive Flagship Store in Munich, Germany. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #2 – the ultimate notebook for all RECARO Automotive fans. Mehr erfahren
Behind Door #4 – the Dynamic Gym Bag. A nod to the sleek design of the RECARO Automotive Podium seat, this soft bag is perfect for the gym, road or track. This functional drawstring bag is the ultimate storage companion. Mehr erfahren
Welcome to the RECARO Automotive Collection - stay tuned as we open doors to new products from our Race, Dynamic and Classic lines in the days and weeks to come. Mehr erfahren
Welcome to the RECARO Automotive Collection - stay tuned as we open doors to new products from our Race, Dynamic and Classic lines in the weeks to come. Mehr erfahren
Welcome to the RECARO Automotive Collection - stay tuned as we open doors to new products from our Race, Dynamic and Classic lines in the days and weeks to come. Mehr erfahren
#ComingSoon: We are proud to announce RECARO Automotive’s first Flagship Store in Munich. Mehr erfahren
We are proud to partner with the MOHR GROUP to bring a premium multi-brand store experience to Motorworld München. Mehr erfahren
@ktm_xbow x @recaroautomotive – performance driven design meets technical innovation. Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto Sidney Hoffmann, one of the best-known petrol heads and car tuners in Europe, shows us the look of his Porsche 911 Turbo (997) Liberty Walk. Mehr erfahren
Driver-focused RECARO Automotive race seating meets the high-performance thrills of the Chevy Camaro. Mehr erfahren
Ready. Set. Race! Mehr erfahren
Here’s your first look at the #RECAROAutomotive P1300 GT seats that will be featured in @thehenryford’s #DrivenToWin exhibit presented by @GM. Mehr erfahren
Leaning into the weekend like this classic ’79 Rallye seat. Mehr erfahren
#MyRECAROAuto Three generations of RECARO Automotive fans. Mehr erfahren
We couldn’t do what we do at RECARO Automotive without the amazing engineers behind our products. Mehr erfahren
Hey #RECAROAutomotive fans! We want to see YOU in the driver’s seat! Mehr erfahren
Join us at Canada’s legendary home of motorsports, the @CTMPOfficial, and catch the turn-by-turn action from Race #5 of the @opsmotorsport @iRacing Winter League by #RECAROAutomotive! Mehr erfahren

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