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对于许多汽车制造商来说,选配件和装备清单往往值得一看,以确保您的新车采用 RECARO 座椅。

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We couldn’t do what we do at RECARO Automotive without the amazing engineers behind our products. 阅读更多信息
Join us at Canada’s legendary home of motorsports, the @CTMPOfficial, and catch the turn-by-turn action from Race #5 of the @opsmotorsport @iRacing Winter League by #RECAROAutomotive! 阅读更多信息
Leave others in the dust with #RECAROAutomotive seats. 阅读更多信息
Tell us your RECARO story by using the hashtag #MyRECAROAuto for your chance to be featured on our page! 阅读更多信息
Good luck to the X-raid Team as they face the ultimate test at the Dubai International Baja. 阅读更多信息
Our preferred Martini? Striped, not stirred. 阅读更多信息
Our favorite @recaroautomotive sightings from the @eurotripper European Car Show. 阅读更多信息
#MotorsportMonday Known for his record-breaking skills as a rally-raid rider, Poland's Kuba Przygoński knows a thing or two about the importance of seats with uncompromised safety, performance and comfort. 阅读更多信息
Once you sit in a @RECAROAutomotive seat, you’ll understand why we’re your perfect match. 阅读更多信息
Can you guess the decade that inspired the gradient spectrum pattern on these iconic #RECAROseats? Search the images below for a hint! 阅读更多信息
Whatever the terrain, @recaroautomotive has your back. 阅读更多信息
#MotorsportMonday In the world of motorsports, it has to be #RECAROAutomotive. 阅读更多信息
Introducing the next step in Built Wild off-road racing. This production-based 4600 class #FordBronco is complete with the first-ever @fia off-road-certified race shells from RECARO Automotive. 阅读更多信息
Proud to announce @recaroautomotive is dog tested and dog approved. 阅读更多信息
Honored to be a supporting partner in the latest addition to the Ford #Bronco off-road racing stable. 阅读更多信息
Creating safety for drivers in all conditions. Introducing the first-ever purpose-engineered RECARO Automotive off-road racing shell to receive FIA approval. 阅读更多信息
We wish you a unique Happy Sunday! 阅读更多信息
The sun has set in @DAYTONA. Tomorrow, the races begin! 阅读更多信息
A short review tour at the Retro Classics 2020 – some our highlight cars equipped with RECARO seats shown on the fair. 阅读更多信息
Visitor’s feedback on the RECARO Classic line during the Retro Classics was fantastic. 阅读更多信息
Almost one year ago the Retro Classic took place with our world premier of the RECARO Classic line. 阅读更多信息
“Greyt” car of @thehoonigans on this happy Sunday! 阅读更多信息
Congratulations to skate-aid and Titus Dittmann to 10 years of „Wir rollen für skate-aid!“! 阅读更多信息
Our “Exciting vehicle” today is the RUF RCT EVO showing the possibility to create an individual car. 阅读更多信息
The KTM X-BOW GTX – a relevolutionary, puristic and radical sports car. 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday! 阅读更多信息
12 stages, 4,588 km of stages, fast and slow passages, stones, boulders, dunes, sand track, mountain ranges and tricky navigation – all that make the race to the hardest rally of the world – the Dakar Rally! 阅读更多信息
Review 2020 – Armin Schwarz 阅读更多信息
Review 2020 – @romaindumas_official 阅读更多信息
An outstanding car of the week with remarkable seats - the next stage of the Sony VISION-S. 阅读更多信息
Big win for @xraidteam at the Dakar Rally! 阅读更多信息
Sony VISION-S introduced next stage at CES 2021 阅读更多信息
40 years ago the Audi Quattro started its international rally career. Outstanding! Congrats! 阅读更多信息
Great news! 阅读更多信息
Review 2020 - GCK Motorsport 阅读更多信息
Review 2020 - Karolina Pilarczyk 阅读更多信息
Review 2020 – Timo Gottschalk 阅读更多信息
RECARO Automotive at the @dakarrally 2021! 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday with a RECARO Pole Position interior! 阅读更多信息
We wish our partners X-raid Team and Kuba Przygoński/ Timo Gottschalk a great final rehearsal for the Rally Dakar at the Hail Baja. 阅读更多信息
Our Car of the Week – the great RUF RCT Evo with our RECARO Sportster CS! 阅读更多信息
Gearing up for the @dakar in Pole Position @recarousa seats... Our car of the week features the Al Rally Porsche team, Amy Lerner and Sara Bossaert! 阅读更多信息
New week, new all-around views – this week with our racing shells. Ideal for offroad and rally use – the RECARO Profi SPG XL has been proven many times! 阅读更多信息
Congratulation to the MINI ALL4 Racing rally car and X-raid Team 10 years ago X-raid introduced this most successful rally car within the X-raid family (4 Dakar victories, 5 FIA World Cup titles, countless other successes). 阅读更多信息
Check out the video from the great Audi RS 6 GTO concept from Audi Azubis of Neckarsulm with our RECARO Podium seats. We are proud to be part of this project. 阅读更多信息
1001 hp - A fast start into the weekend with our Car of the Week: MTM’s RS6! Of course with our RECARO Podium! 阅读更多信息
The RECARO high-end comfort seat – our RECARO Ergomed ES. The seat combines luxurious comfort and superb ergonomics for an ultimate driving experience. 阅读更多信息
Great anticipation for the beginning of 2021 – RECARO Automotive will open their world’s first flagship store in the Motorworld Munich in cooperation with the Mohr Group. 阅读更多信息
We wish you a relaxed Happy Sunday! 阅读更多信息
Drift from a special view with the Formula Drift Champion @vaughngittinjr – enjoy the ride! 阅读更多信息
Trackday feeling with our car of the week - the new special series of Manthey’s Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport! 阅读更多信息
RECARO's performance seats guarantee an unforgettable off-road experience in the Ford F-150 Raptor! 阅读更多信息
Register today to learn to drive in a @recarousa RECARO Automotive racing seat at the @FPRacingSchool! 阅读更多信息
Performance, safety and comfort comes standard from RECARO Automotive — at Ford Performance Racing School in and out of the classroom. 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday with the full record-breaking lap for production cars on the Nürburgring Nordschleife from the @mercedesamg GT Black series! 阅读更多信息
Congratulations to @chelseadenofa and @VaughnGittinJr for their 3rd and 4th place in RD7 of Formula Drift! 阅读更多信息
Our relaunched website is also a winner! We won the German Design Council Award 2021! 阅读更多信息
RECARO Automotive had a blast at the Sebring International Raceway 68th Annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Presented By Advance Auto Parts (2020)! 阅读更多信息
Car of the week - Audi AP20 Neckarsulm, the Audi RS 6 GTO Concept. 阅读更多信息
Have a good start into November with our Happy Sunday Car! 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday to all of you! 阅读更多信息
RECARO Impressions – big pictures of RECARO Automotive history. The brochure of RECARO seat range in 1985. Nowadays it is hard to imagine driving your car in these types of seats. Or does it? Some selected seat models from 1985 are part of the new ... 阅读更多信息
Successful racing weekend during the ADAC GT Masters and ADAC GT4 Germany at the Nürburgring . Enjoy the little review in pictures. The next round will take place September 18 at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg ! Pictures: ADAC GT4 Germany 阅读更多信息
Successful racing weekend during the ADAC GT Masters and ADAC GT4 Germany at the @nuerburgring. Enjoy the little review in pictures. The next round will take place September 18 at the @hockenheimring_official! Pictures: ADAC GT4 Germany 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday! In which combination of RECARO seat and car are you on the road this weekend? Pic: @gatewaymustang 阅读更多信息
Egal wie heiß es zur Zeit ist – im Vergleich zu Wüstenrennen ist das gar nichts: Respekt, X-raid Team , im Wüsteneinsatz wie der Rallye Dakar! Unser Car of the Week! Wir wünschen euch ein schönes Wochenende! 阅读更多信息
The AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix Grand Prix is the highlight for teams and drivers of classic cars! Pictures: AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix 阅读更多信息
The AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix had a variety of beautiful classic cars on the starting line in different races. 阅读更多信息
Oldtimerenthusiasten und Autohistoriker kamen an diesem ganz besonderen Wochenende voll auf ihre Kosten. Der AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix spiegelte auf eindrucksvolle Weise die Historik des Motorsports auf dem Nürburgring wider. Eve Scheer und ihr ... 阅读更多信息
Premiere von RUF Automobile GmbH und RECARO Automotive! Nun eben online statt auf dem Genfer Auto Salon 2020. Auch wenn der Genfer Autosalon 2020 nicht stattfinden konnte, möchten wir diese großartige Neuigkeit nun eben auf diesem Weg mit Euch teilen. 阅读更多信息
Egal ob Straße, Wüste oder Rennstrecke: RECARO als Begleiter für eine sichere, bequeme und gesunde Ankunft am Zielort. Welcher Fahrertyp bist Du? 1, 2 oder 3? 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday! 1970 Dodge Charger “Evolution” 阅读更多信息
Focus 阅读更多信息
Walter Röhrl and his co-pilot Christian Geistdörfer won the World Rally Championship in the Opel Ascona 400 in 1982. Equipped with RECARO´s. Source: Opel400Club 阅读更多信息
The Opel Ascona from 1980. Equipped with the RECARO Rallye. Source: WallpaperUP 阅读更多信息
RECARO Automotive Seating has a successfull collaboration with Subaru Motorsports USA during the 2019 Rallycross and Rally Championship seasons. 阅读更多信息
The tension increases! Only two days till the RECARO world premiere. 阅读更多信息
At the Essen Motor Show we organize again our polular RECARO Performance Challenge. . 阅读更多信息
This week it finally starts! With the Previewday on Friday (Nov 29), the Essen Motor Show will start for the 52nd time. 阅读更多信息
We wish you a Happy Sunday with RECARO! 阅读更多信息
For the 27th time the readers of the automobile magazine sport auto had the opportunity to vote for their most popular brands. 90% of readers voted in the category seats / sports seats for RECARO. 阅读更多信息
In the history of the Ford Capri, some models were available with RECARO seats as standard as well as optional. In addition to the S model, the Ford Capri 2.8 Injection was equipped with RECARO seats. 阅读更多信息
The Ford Capri was a success from the start and still enjoys a high cult status among car enthusiasts. More than 1.8 million vehicles sold make this clear. Among other things, a Ford Capri won the endurance race Le Mans and Spa Francorchamps in his class. 阅读更多信息
We´ll show our new performance shell RECARO Podium for the 1st time! Sidney Hoffmann, Timo Bernhard and Frank Stippler will show you live all about the new RECARO Podium & are available for autographs too. 阅读更多信息
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary we would like to talk about the legendary vehicle model Ford Capri this week. 阅读更多信息
Last weekend the tenth and final race of this year´s FIA World Rallycross Championship took place in South Africa. 阅读更多信息
Enjoy your weekend with our car of the week – the Cadillac ATS-V Sedan 3.6L Twin Turbo V6! 阅读更多信息
We would like to give you a short review of the presentation of our new RECARO Cross Sportster ORV and RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV seats with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Loren Healy 阅读更多信息
The SEMA is in full swing. We are pleased to give you some impressions of our SEMA booth 50219. 阅读更多信息
52 years ago, RECARO introduced our first first street-legal shell. Today, we are introducing the first dedicated off-road shell, RECARO Pro Racer SPG XL ORV, developed with #VaughnGittinJr. 阅读更多信息
Only one more hour before Karolina visits our booth #50219 on SEMA. Make a Stop at our booth. 阅读更多信息
RECARO Automotive Seating is proud to introduce the RECARO Cross Sportster ORV! 阅读更多信息
Join us today at 3:30 PM PDT in the RECARO Automotive Seating SEMA performance pavillion Booth 50291 the RECARO Automotive Seating world premieres of two new seats! 阅读更多信息
#SEMA2019 in Las Vegas? Stop by RECARO Automotive, Booth 50291, and enter to win a ride of a lifetime with a professional Ford Performance drifter! 阅读更多信息
40-jährigen Jubiläums der G-Klasse 阅读更多信息
Happy Sunday with RECARO! 阅读更多信息
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Loren Healy 阅读更多信息
Noch zwölf Tage bis zur SEMA 阅读更多信息

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