RECARO exchanges affected seats! Voluntary field measure for RECARO Pole Position SPG (FIA) and RECARO Furious SPG (FIA)

In a precautionary and voluntary field measure, RECARO Automotive Seating has prompted users of its racing seats “Pole Position SPG (FIA)” and “Furious SPG (FIA),” which were produced in the period up to November 2014, to stop using these seats. In response to this information, the international motorsport federation FIA has canceled the homologation of these seats. RECARO Automotive Seating has now decided to exchange the affected seats on a voluntary basis in accordance with the warranty policies. In accordance with these provisions, customers will receive a new seat homologated by the FIA.


IIn the course of internal crash tests of seating systems under the specific test conditions of the “FIA Standard for Competition Seats 8855-1999,” RECARO Automotive Seating has found cracks on the seat shell of these products in the area of ??the front attachment to the steel adapter that connects the seat to the vehicle floor. In an accident, these cracks can lead to a separation of the shell from the adapter. This could possibly result in increased rearward movement of the seats and in consequence also a possible risk of injury to the driver or loss of control of the vehicle.


Affected seats will be replaced free of charge under warranty on a voluntary basis if these seats were purchased in the period starting on November 1, 2012, from an authorized RECARO dealer, and this can be shown on the invoice.


For older seats there is also an attractive offer with reduced prices! RECARO offers a new seat with the current FIA homologation, which can be fully used for five years thereafter. For the associated Original RECARO seat adapter, the above conditions also apply.


The affected seats can be identified on the basis of their part number (RECARO Pole Position SPG (FIA) starting with 070.98.XXX, RECARO Furious SPG (FIA) starting with 070.78.XXX) in locations including a sticker on the side of their backrest. For both products, the label must bear the name “Pole Position” and the homologation number CS.997.00 for the seat to be covered by the measure.


Customers who wish to participate in the exchange please call + 1-800-873-2276. Subsequently, all necessary documents and information for the exchange will be sent.

Customers who have already registered will be contacted directly.

Please send press inquiries to presse(at)