RECARO Specialist: Sleek styling, craftsmanship and performance

The RECARO Specialist seat is a perfect blend of sleek styling, craftsmanship and performance.  The Specialist is hand made by RECARO craftsman delivering unmatched quality.  The seat provides RECARO world-renowned ergonomics.  With the Specialist seat you can achieve the distinct interior look you want while taking a huge leap forward in comfort and performance from many stock automotive seats. 





Premium Seating Features: Specialist S

RECARO Design:  No one will mistake the unique styling of the Specialist seat for anything but RECARO.   When you are ready to take the interior of your vehicle to the next level look no further than the RECARO Expert.  The sleek lines, sportive bolstering and unique cover detailing of the Expert will make the interior your car stand apart from rest.  


RECARO Ergonomics:   Each Recaro seat is designed to support the natural S curve of the spine.  The human body isn’t designed for long periods of sitting.   RECARO seats are designed to align the spinal cord in its most natural and healthy position.  Your back muscles will actually become more relaxed the longer you sit in the seat.


Manual Lumbar System:  A preformed curved backrest offers superior lumbar support.  The Expert will feel as good to sit in as it looks.     


Low Profile Back and Thigh Bolsters:  Driving in a RECARO seat isn’t all about correct sitting, it’s about performance too.  The mildly pronounced back and thigh bolsters will hold you in place while driving but maintain a luxury feel of the seat. 


Low Profile Seat Cushion Bolsters:  The Specialist S Mild thigh bolsters gives the support when you need it without hindering easy vehicle entry.  The seat cushion of the Specialist S is for drivers who like a more supportive fit and sport-performance feel.   The Specialist M has a flat seat-cushion and slightly wider seat area for easier access and luxury feel. 


Manual Seat Adjustment:  Manually adjustable forward and rearward seat adjustment.  Right and left side manual seat back releases. 


Adjustable Head Rest:  The headrest of the seat can be adjusted up, down as well as tilting forward to comfortably support your head and neck.


Dual Manual Seat Back Release:  Moves the backrest forward for easy access to the rear seat compartment.


Upholstery:  Whether you choose the premium leather or other upholstery options the seat will look and feel unique and stylish.  RECARO chooses the best materials for its covers and then sews them with precision, assuring the seat will look stunning for years. 


Mounting Hardware

  • All Mounting Hardware is sold separately.



  • Mounting Hardware varies based on the vehicle the seats will be installed in.

Standard Cover Options

Leather:     Black / Blue / Dark Grey / Med Grey / Beige
Avus:Black / Grey
Nardo: Black
Vynyl: Black





Custom Cover Program

RECARO offers a custom cover and top stitching service for the Specialist seat.  Using upholstery you provide, RECARO will make a custom cover for your new Specialist seat.  Custom cover upholstery must be cloth or leather and must pass RECARO’s inspection for quality and use in an automotive seating application. 


Contact RECARO for details and pricing at:


Ph:       1-800-8RECARO

Email:  aftermarket(at)


  • Custom patterns are not available

  • Customer cover program only applies to new seat orders

  • RECARO does not re-cover or refurbish used or vintage seats

Seat Dimensions

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Maximum backrest height: 830 mm (32.7 inches)
Seat cushion width: 490 mm (19.3 inches)
Seat cushion depth: 465 mm (18.3 inches)
Seat weight: 35.3 lbs

Moveable Features: Specialist S

Adjustable headrest

Adjustable Headrest

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