Sporty, lightweight and safe: Bucket seats from RECARO for the new Audi R8

Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. It is a double premiere: Together with the new super sports car Audi R8, the new bucket seats of the quattro GmbH are available for the first time. The innovative seat was developed by RECARO Automotive Seating specialists in close collaboration with Audi engineers. It combines unparalleled sportiness with world-class ergonomics. At the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt, the new seat can be seen at RECARO in hall 5.1, stand B24 (Johnson Controls).

RECARO know-how for the new Audi R8

Every sports car owner knows that in addition to engine performance and the chassis, the seats make an important contribution to driving enjoyment when pushing the vehicle to its limit. For this reason, seats with a sporty design and excellent lateral support are at the top of the wish list for not only who regularly trains at the racetrack but discriminating consumers as well. For this demanding group of buyers, the new bucket seat is an attractive option for vehicles from Audi Sport. For the first time, the seat is available in the second generation of the Audi R8.


Like its predecessor, the new bucket seat was developed through a collaboration between the quattro GmbH and the seat specialists from Kirchheim/Teck. The largely handcrafted new bucket seats are produced in RECARO Automotive Seating’s Swabian parent plant. From there, the seats are brought "just-in-time" to the production line of the R8 in Heilbronn.


"We are very pleased that we can now deliver the second generation of the particularly sporty Audi seats”, said Elmar Deegener, vice president and general manager of RECARO Automotive Seating. "The new bucket seats are unsurpassed in terms of sporty design and excellent ergonomics and therefore fit perfectly into the vehicle from Audi Sport."


With its striking design, the bucket seat effortlessly dovetails into the interior of the new sports car. The new seat is crafted from materials including carbon fiber. For the design, the developers took guidance from purebred racing models. Special attention was paid to ergonomics: Finely tuned contouring of all areas and a focus on maximum lateral support provides the best possible integration of the driver in the car. Since the side airbags were integrated into the backrest shell, the sporty design lines of the new seats are maintained without compromising on safety. Another plus is that the backrest is designed according to the credo of a foldable racing bucket seat.


The start of production of the new Audi R8 and the bucket seats at RECARO coincides with two anniversaries of the traditional companies: The Audi Quattro, the first Audi sports car with permanent all-wheel drive, came off the assembly line 35 years ago. Precisely 50 years ago, RECARO presented the first sport seat of the brand at the IAA. In both cases, these revolutionary products represented the start of a new era in their product segments. Consistently, RECARO presents the new Audi seat in a special manner at its show booth during the IAA 2015.