More than 90 percent vote for RECARO as best seat manufacturer

Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. A more than clear result: In the category of car seats, 91.7% of the participants in the readers’ poll of “sport auto Award” voted for the RECARO brand, with 15,551 votes cast in total. For the eighth consecutive year, the German seat specialist was able to take home the award.

The name of the magazine “sport auto” tells you what it is about: In the segment of high-performance vehicles, the tests and information of the magazine are considered indicators of the situation in the industry. The readers of the magazine are thus well-informed and knowledgeable – a poll of this group as part of the “sport auto Award” can therefore be regarded as an important indicator of the market, as Dr. Christian Debus, Vice President and head of global car seat business Recaro Automotive Seating emphasizes: “The readers of ‘sport auto’ know what they are talking about because many of them have years of experience with sports cars or even drive in races. For this reason, I see the decision of this sport seat specialist to be particularly valuable for our brand. That we have once again achieved an excellent result of more than 90 percent is both a confirmation and an incentive for our team.

The special importance of this year’s election results of the RECARO brand is reflected in the multi-year comparison: In the history of the “sport auto” readers’ poll, it was only in 2011 with 92.0% that a higher result than the current 91.7% was reached – and the winner back then was RECARO as well.