RECARO Automotive Seating debuts as a premium partner for Chinese OEM customers

RECARO Automotive Seating is positioning the brand as the innovative, reliable partner for car manufacturers in the premium segment in China. At Auto Shanghai 2017, the Adient product group will debut a tailor-made selection of premium seats for OEM installation in performance vehicles.

SHANGHAI, April 19, 2017 – The RECARO brand name is based on on 111 successful years in the car seating business and is one of the most favored brands in automotive seating worldwide. RECARO Automotive Seating maintains long-term, close customer relationships with the leading global automakers.

“Now we’re taking advantage of Auto Shanghai to introduce our world-renowned automotive brand to a wider audience in China,” said Markus Kussmaul, executive director of the Adient specialty seating group and responsible for the worldwide business of RECARO Performance Car Seating.

Primarily, RECARO Automotive Seating aims to approach Chinese OEMs with its performance seats for sporty luxury vehicles.

“Adient already has a very strong regional presence in China, and we’re finding the conditions for our market launch here to be ideal,” said Kussmaul. “We’ll be taking advantage of the opportunities provided to us by Adient in terms of locally situated product development capabilities, as well as manufacturing sites for our plant-in-plant production. This will allow us to present ourselves to Chinese OEMs right from the get-go as a strong, reliable and innovative partner on the ground.”

Premium Performance
The RECARO brand values of superior quality, safety and ingenious design will be conveyed through three sample seats that RECARO Automotive Seating is presenting to OEM customers at Auto Shanghai.

One concept seat, which combines a sporty design approach and performance with driving comfort, has been specifically developed for the SUV premium performance segment. It provides an example of how the tradition of RECARO Automotive Seating can also be experienced in modern SUVs. This firm, yet comfortable, seat with its exclusive leather upholstery, adjustable backrest side bolsters and a flat seat cushion for easy entry is intended to look, feel and perform as a sport seat for active lifestyles.

Luxury Power Performance
By showing two exclusive concept seats from its Luxury Power Performance product segment, RECARO Automotive Seating underscores its positioning in the Chinese market as a premium brand for OEM customers. Both seats offer unique sporty performance, outstanding comfort and excellent ergonomics, and are designed for use in luxury high-end sports cars.

In this segment, RECARO Automotive Seating employs only selected premium materials, such as leather and perforated Alcantara. Powered adjustment features, such as an extendable seat cushion, adjustable side bolsters for maximum support, four-way adjustable lumbar support and a climate control package ensure maximum comfort.