From Master Saddler to Global Player.


Performance with tradition: Over more than 100 years, RECARO has gathered experience, competence and confidence in all aspects of automotive seating. RECARO Car Seating’s product portfolio for the present and the future of automobiles brings together design, ergonomics and comfort with innovation, craftsmanship and premium quality. This combination has earned the appreciation of our customers, including Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes-AMG, Opel and the VW Group. International motorsports teams likewise rely on RECARO’s professional seats. And for many sports enthusiasts and comfort-oriented drivers around the world, RECARO is the ultimate in aftermarket seats. RECARO Car Seating has its headquarters, including its Design and Ergonomics Centre and series manufacturing, in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany. With development and production sites in the United States (Plymouth, Michigan), Mexico (Lerma) and Japan (Higashiomi), RECARO Car Seating operates for its OEM and aftermarket customers in its three main markets of Europe, the USA and Asia.


Professionalism with a plan: Since successfully entering the market in 2008 as a new provider of commercial vehicle seating, RECARO Commercial Vehicle Seating has been working steadily to expand its portfolio. The introduction of an entirely new, sturdy modular commercial vehicle seat quickly garnered the division two renowned European vehicle manufacturers as customers. Its range of products covers seats for drivers and front passengers in both right-hand and left-hand drive vehicles, vibration systems and rigid supports. Together with its OEM business, RECARO Commercial Vehicle Seating will also supply the aftermarket with premium driver seats. RECARO Commercial Vehicle Seating, including its development operations, is headquartered in Kaiserslautern, RECARO. Full production has been in operation at the Polish site in Skarbimierz, which has some of the most modern production facilities in existence. Since 2014, RECARO Commercial Vehicle Seating has also been active with new projects in China.