Experience from motorsport

RECARO seats enjoy a competitive edge in safety and seat technology thanks to over 40 years of experience in professional and semi-professional motorsport.

Drivers experience extreme stresses in a cockpit. They have to endure accidents, strong jolts and vibrations over the course of several hours.

Many drivers and teams have therefore trusted RECARO seats for years:

  • Ford in the WRC
  • VW (including at the Dakar Rally)
  • German Mini Challenge
  • and many more...

This expertise is continuously applied to our seat development.


As a supplier to the automotive industry, RECARO knows the latest safety standards and exactly what it takes. With its experience and expertise in seating, RECARO Automotive Seating has earned the trust of renowned automotive manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Lotus, Mini, Opel, Porsche, Renault, VW and several others.

Our seats have to meet the most stringent requirements, such as:

  • 20% greater load in static tests than required by law
  • At least 300% greater load in dynamic tests than required by law

We do more than just meet the legal requirements; we exceed them.

As frequent drivers in particular need a high degree of safety in the vehicle, we continuously improve the safety standards of our seats by conducting in-house crash tests. The latest tests on a large variety of car seats and racing shells have once again provided testimony to the impressive benefits of RECARO Automotive Seating.

Example of load in a dynamic test (here: rear impact). The load is three times higher the legal requirement.


  • Fully upholstered headrests provide reliable head protection.
  • Closed, spine-friendly seat structure offers ideal comfort.
  • Higher backrest for optimal adjustment to the body.
  • Specially shaped seat cushion prevents the occupant from slipping under the belt (“anti-submarining” feature).
  • Universal side airbag.
  • General type approval (ABE) for the entire system (seat + baseframe).
  • 4, 5 and 6-point belt guide on racing seats for optimum safety.

Universal side airbag

The following statistics show how important side airbags have become: 10 years ago, only 5% of all new vehicles came equipped with a side airbag. The number is now 95%.

RECARO Automotive Seating is the first and only manufacturer in the world to offer aftermarket seats with a universal side airbag.


Maximum safety is ensured by using only high-quality materials for adaptation in the vehicle.

Safety must not be compromised when installing aftermarket parts, which makes it especially important that such parts and accessories are precisely matched to the statutory minimum requirements and the specifics of the vehicle.

This is why RECARO Automotive Seating offers complete solutions in a combination of seat, vehicle-specific baseframe, an optional airbag and general type approval (ABE)/TÜV component certification and/or TÜV approval.

Using accessories lacking general type approval (ABE) may void the vehicle’s type approval and thus eliminate the insurance cover.

RECARO Automotive Seating recommends that installation/modifications be performed by an authorised service centre. Special training is required particularly for modifications involving a side airbag and is mandated by law.


... European Rally champion Armin Schwarz survived a serious crash almost unscathed thanks to his RECARO seat? Afterwards, he said: “There’s probably no better way to strap yourself into a car!”