New RECARO concepts for sports and premium cars.


To introduce our world-renowned automotive brand to a wider audience in China, visitors of our booth at Auto Shanghai 2017 can “Feel Performance” while driving around a virtual race track, seated in an authentic RECARO racing shell. Our guests at the trade show were also invited to learn more about RECARO Automotive Seating’s tailor-made products for Chinese OEM customers and for aftermarket applications in China. Take a seat and join us for a short booth tour at Auto Shanghai!


High interest: Representatives of leading Chinese and European media visited RECARO Automotive Seating on April 19 at the Adient presentation in Hall 5.2, Booth 5BA001.

RECARO Automotive Seating is preparing its market launch in China as the premium brand manufacturer of performance seats for sporty luxury vehicles. Adient’s product group is presenting tailor-made products for Chinese OEM customers and for aftermarket applications in China.


Premium Performance
The RECARO brand values of superior quality, safety and ingenious design will be conveyed through three sample seats that RECARO Automotive Seating is presenting to OEM customers at Auto Shanghai:

The Premium Performance seat, which combines a sporty design approach and performance with driving comfort, has been specifically developed for the SUV segment. It provides an example of how the tradition of RECARO Automotive Seating can also be experienced in modern SUVs. This firm, yet comfortable, seat with its exclusive leather upholstery, adjustable backrest side bolsters and a flat seat cushion for easy entry is intended to look, feel and perform as a sport seat for active lifestyles.

Luxury Power Performance
By showing two exclusive concept seats from its Luxury Power Performance product segment, RECARO Automotive Seating underscores its positioning in the Chinese market as a premium brand for OEM customers. Both seats offer unique sporty performance, outstanding comfort and excellent ergonomics, and are designed for use in luxury high-end sports cars.

In this segment, RECARO Automotive Seating employs only selected premium materials, such as leather and perforated Alcantara. Powered adjustment features, such as an extendable seat cushion, adjustable side bolsters for maximum support, four-way adjustable lumbar support and a climate control package ensure maximum comfort.


Specifically for the Chinese aftermarket and in response to growing demand for sports-oriented automotive equipment, RECARO Automotive Seating is showcasing two seats from its Power Performance segment at Auto Shanghai. 

Power Performance
The RECARO Sportster CS, ‘China Edition’ is conceived as an aggressive sport seat for actual use in sports cars or high-performance derivatives of series-production vehicles. Its innovative lightweight shell with an attractive lean design ensures optimal comfort and body support, thanks to pronounced side bolsters and excellent shoulder support. The Sportster CS, ‘China Edition’ is distinguished by a unique styling with a RECARO pin and brand logo on the headrest and backrest shell, combined with decorative stitching in white that emphasizes its dynamic contours. This seat fulfills the requirements of China Compulsory Certificate (CCC), a mandatory certification for products imported to China.

The second Power Performance seat is the RECARO SR-7 SK100, which is tailored for everyday use in sports cars or high-performance derivatives of series-production vehicles. Its firm, yet comfortable, cushioning is coupled with pronounced side bolsters and shoulder support for optimal hold.