RECARO Sportline Center Germany: HS Motorsport

As early as in April 2000 Markus Schramm laid the foundation of the HS Motorsport company with the creation of a “tuning forge”, which has been successfully developing at Munich (85386 Eching) until now. At that time, the 39-year-old business manager looked back to 16 years of professional experience at VW/Audi-organization. Due to disproportionate growing, already in 2003 the need for extention of space had arisen. A new selling and exhibition area of over 1,700 sq. m, and the corresponding “improving hall” were created. The goals of the company lie in developing of standard and individual solutions as well as consulting in the automotive “car tuning” sphere. The team: HS Motorsport consists of nine employees forming a flexible and vigorous team. HS Motorsport’s policy proceeds from the possibility of an optimal satisfaction of clients’ requirements just by well chosen and vigorous cooperations. HS Motorsport is a "RECARO Sportline Center Deutschland" since 2003. Markus Schramm is fascinated by acquisition possibilities and styling in the interior, but the ergonomics, safety and goods tested by the Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) are the company’s primary concern. HS Motorsport now delivers for many sellers RECARO accessories, seat consoles, sport seats and built-in solutions, for example racing seats for motor sport tested by FIA. A long experience in the automotive sphere and openness to the future together with RECARO result in what pays in the end: success of the company! > More:

Markus Schramm RECARO Sportline Center Germany

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