Entering and leaving the SUV class relaxed: The RECARO Cross Sportster CS

The comfort of many SUV models suffers already since entering the car. Entering the car is often not only unpractical, but it additionally demands high acrobatics. The Recaro RECARO Cross Sportster CS does not only allow to adjust your vehicle perfectly to your needs – with its flat side cheeks it warrants also for the perfect entering and leaving the car while retaining the sportive lateral support in SUV or Coupé. Also in uneven terrain or while breathtaking cornerings the Recaro RECARO Cross Sportster CS cut a fine figure: Thanks to the directional control in the seat pad and in the shoulder area, the ambitious sports car racer rests securely on his seat while driving hard corners in SUV or sports car. In addition, the seats render a positive contribution to the environment protection: Thanks to the applied hybrid procedure, the weight of the seats could have been reduced, and so the fuel consumption could be lowered, too. The slender seat designs offer more place for the passengers within the car. And last but not least the optionally available side airbags increase the safety factor of the seats even more. > More: www.recaro.com

RECARO Cross Sportster CS Hybrid technology

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