Directly from the car to your desk.

Become a highspeed racing star.

It has everything a sporty office chair or your lounge must have: pure dynamism! With its new, stylized belt slot, its long, flat seat cushion and its distinctive shoulder support and side bolsters, the RECARO Speed Star offers the perfect introduction to the world of RECARO office chairs.

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Bring some dynamism into your office.

Beneath the office chair is a sports seat par excellence: straight from the exclusive interior of powerful performance vehicles comes our new RECARO gem for your office. The RECARO Office Cross Sportster CS combines a sporty and dynamic design with uncompromising comfort.

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Thoroughbread sports seat.

It is the sports seat par excellence among office chairs: The RECARO Office Cross Sportster CS has a markedly sporty and dynamic design combined with uncompromising comfort. The integrated headrest with belt slot clearly identifies the sporty genes. 

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Proper sitting in its most beautiful form.

Curved shapes. Almost forgotten colours and materials. Genuine craftsmanship. Do you love classic vehicles as much as we do? Then we have good news for you! You don't have to do without a real classic in your office or home office either.

To match our new edition of the RECARO Classic Line, we have also expanded our office chairs with products full of retro flair of the 1980s. Proper sitting in its most beautiful form. Also at the workplace.

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Our exclusive performance seats stand for unique comfort, perfect ergonomics and esthetic design. With the RECARO Office Line, we are bringing genuine RECARO car seats from the road direct to you at home. With all the ergonomic and comfort features that a modern office chair needs – and that RECARO is so famous for. As original car seats, they obviously also meet the automotive industry’s quality requirements for durability, material selection and foam quality, which are significantly higher than is normally the case for office chairs. A seat for life!

RECARO Office Chairs have all the attributes that define a high-quality office chair. Shaped to replicate the human spine, the seat fits like a glove – and supports the body perfectly in its upright position. But, as you know, especially when sitting for hours at a desk every day, the next position you adopt is always the best. That's why we make movement at your desk easy. With numerous setting options. With electric functions. With castors that glide easily across floors of different kinds. So that every sitting position is ergonomic and good for your back.

A great deal of traditional craftsmanship has always gone into our seats. From the delicate seams and seat upholstery to the superb finish, the finely honed skills of our craftsmen shine through. Not even the tiniest detail escapes their expert eye, ensuring that every single feature underlines RECARO's claim to premium status. In the car and at your desk in the office. Whether you look dynamically sportive in it, understated or smartly elegant is entirely up to you: choose your individual RECARO Office Chair from a multitude of attractive material and color combinations.

Sitting pretty – even over long distances.

RECARO Guard – the office chair that adapts perfectly to the user. Ideal for 24/7 use in control and monitoring rooms. People who have to sit for hours at a time by virtue of their work, yet also remain physically and mentally fit, put extremely high demands on their office chairs.

Thanks to its intelligent design, the RECARO Guard has the perfect ergonomic shape, can be adjusted in numerous ways and is thus especially comfortable. Another decisive factor here is the individually adjustable lumbar support – RECARO Airmatic. The height and tilt adjustable headrests and the adjustable backrest also contribute to the user’s wellbeing.

Additional benefits of the RECARO Guard include a tilt adjustable seat and a freely oscillating function that can be adjusted to the user's body weight. An especially stable pedestal prevents the office chair from tipping over, even when the backrest is set at extreme angles of tilt.

You will find more information on all RECARO Office Line and 24/7 chairs on our website for Office Chairs.

Need more help?

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